Friday, March 16, 2012

How the President should be elected

First things first, no more parties. Political or otherwise. All the money that is raised for campaigning and wasted on advertisement, hot air and parties for these people is criminal! With the amount of money raised you could pay teachers proper salaries, build out homeless shelters, provide proper counseling and medical treatment for PTSD veterans, clean up our environment, get kids off of drugs, keep food on families tables, stimulate the economy and focus on our nation first and foremost which would result in the rest of the world viewing us differently and becoming less apt to try and attack us. No more talk of what these people say they are going to do- it will all come down to action. Action that will have to be accomplished within a month time frame.

Here's the format:

10 people are going to vie to be the leader of the USA. Beginning in January they will need to complete 10 tasks- 1 per month, January thru October with the best performer being inducted in November- right on time.

Each month on the first the new task will be presented to them. They will have to raise the money and put it towards that task. The task could be Creating a solution and putting it into action for homelessness, or creating universal health care, repairing Social Security or cleaning the environment-just to name a few.

In doing this selection process we can have most problems fixed by the time November rolls around and it will be general maintanance at that point. At the end of the month you will see who achieved the goal. Whoever did the least is now out of the running. It will trim the selection pool down until the last month you will have the top two performers competing in the last task. Whoever does the best job there will be President. Period.

No talking, no promising, no warming up to any special interest groups at all. The leader will have shown the ability to take a problem in our nation, find a solution and put that solution into effect immediately. Everybody wins! The Nation is back on track. No more political red tape and time wasting. No more disconnected, overfed, overpaid politicians in nice suits, perfect smiles, a unique hand gesture and immovable hair who have zero interest in anyone but their own pockets wasting our time, money and resources. This should scare a lot of people but it should set a light bulb off in the heads of 95% of the people.

Of the people, for the people and by the people. Let's take it back!

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  1. I think this is a fantastic idea! Can you imagine how much could be accomplished if politicians stopped talking/making promises and actually HAD to do these things to prove to us they were the right person for the job?