Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gettin' Press

I was interviewed and written about in the San Diego Reader by Jay Allen Sanford. The article is here:

go check it out!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dead Man Walkin' Pulp Vol. 1

It's dark and I'm awake.

Body aching from a few hours before. It's been a while since I had to jump from the fire escape of a fourth floor to escape a 'collector'. I buried a Louisville Slugger in his dome, but, a dome like that only stays asleep if it becomes the new home of a cannon ball. Not a wooden bat. He'll probably use the splinters to clean out his teeth when he comes to.

The rain beats down like a snare drum on the AC unit propped in the window. It's already 80 degrees and the humidity is 100%.

It's sweaty...

The rain stops suddenly. Another sound grabs my attention. It's foot steps. I expected it. How long could I go without this coming my way. The rain starts up again, even harder. Perfect. It means I don't have to tip-toe to get my sawed off.

The silhouette grows on the window of the side door. It's a large shadow. They never send a small shadow. Always the big lugs. Usually just out of the joint. The type of guy that is more comfortable in the Hell that is maximum security prison than he is with freedom. In the joint, he's the boss. Nobody is above him on the food chain. His word is law. The warden consults with this type of guy when there's a problem within the walls of the pen. A guy who's skull can take a crack from a Louisville Slugger.

The sound of the door handle jiggling. My heart beat stays steady. I've prepared for this moment. Somewhere in the back of your mind, when you deal with a guy like Verducci, you know you HAVE to be ready for a moment like this. because it's going to come. Whether you're paid up or not. This is how Verducci covers his tracks. He sends these big lugs as 'collectors'. He's not interested in repeat business. He's interested in not having his name spoken in the same breath as his 'other business'.

Especially during election season...

The door handle is pulled through the door and moonlight shoots through the opening where the hardware used to be. Now my heart rate jumps a bit. I pump the sawed off. A universal sound that would make any man turn and run, only serves to help this 'collector' determine where in the dark I'm crouching. He barrels towards me.

I empty three shells into him. One to the left shoulder, one to the right knee and the third seems to have buried into his stomach.

He buckles over to catch his breath. I chamber one more shell. He looks up at me, the moonlight outlines his larger than life head. I pull the trigger and the larger than life head becomes a larger then life splatter mark across the wall by the door.

They know where I am... it's time to move on... Once again I'm a dead man walkin'...

A new sound enters my ears. My daughter. She's woken up.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Opportunity is defined by Merriam-Webster as:
1: A favorable juncture of circumstances
2: A good chance for advancement or progress

When I think of the United States of America and why it exists, I think 'Land of Opportunity'. Because think for a few moments at the myriad opportunities out there waiting for you to grab a hold of them. Yes, I said that YOU have to grab hold of THEM. Nowhere in those definitions does Merriam-Webster mention a handout or entitlement of any kind.

If you sit, with your hand out, palm up, waiting. Waiting for someone to give you everything you need, waiting for someone to help you out, waiting for anything to start your life for you, then you're going to end up with an extremely fatigued arm because that hand will stay outstretched for a looooooooong time.

Don't wait for a friend that promised you something, go get it. Don't wait for a government handout, go make it happen. Don't wait for a ride, get to walking.

Make your own good fortune happen! Yes, it's hard work. But hard work is necessary. It's necessary because once you've broken your back achieving your goal, the end reward will have a value that cannot have a price affixed to it. Get something easy or for free and it will have little or no value, period.

Make it happen, don't wait to see if it will happen.

The song 'Opportunity' written/performed by Chad Cavanaugh, all rights reserved

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can't Never Could

Can't never could...

These are the words of a very wise and very successful man. A man that didn't operate on 'can't' but on 'can'. His name is Dr. Tom Malone.

Think of the massive walls the word 'can't' builds. Think of the numerous life experiences and fond memories never occur because of on contraction. Can't.

Think now about a completely different word. Can. The exact opposite of can't. Can is a key, it opens doors. Can is a bulldozer that knocks down Can't's walls. Can is climbing new heights, breaking new barriers, smashing old records and filling a scrapbook full of memories. Can is a rich, full life.

You Can take control of your life

You Can take control of your diet

You Can choose to love instead of hate

You Can determine who is allowed in your life

You Can have happiness

It's quicker and easier to say than 'can't'. Can went to the moon, Can scored 100 points in a basketball game, Can won 8 Olympic medals, Can is a shot of adrenaline to the psyche which is the most powerful weapon on a human.

I Can, I Have and I Will again! So Can you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Than Just A Bean and Cheese

It's the most non-descript item on any Mexican food places menu.

Bean and cheese burrito.

Nothing fancy. Nothing earth shattering. Three basic elements. Tortilla, refried beans and cheese. But when done right, it is a masterpiece. The most purest form of simple perfection and for me, the telling tale of whether or not I'm going to patronize a taco shop.

Many people argue over the carne asada, the mariscos, the fish or shrimp tacos/burritos. All of those items are nice and all, but when a place takes the time, puts forth the effort and shows the true love of the basic ingredients it speaks volumes to me. You see, it's more than just a bean and some cheese. It's an indication of caring.

In the theme of simplicity, I leave this at that.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What'd He Say? Que ha dicho?

Had it not been for a news article on July 9th, 2011, I would've never heard of Facundo Cabral. Unfortunately for Senor Cabral, myself, and millions of adoring fans around the world, it was an article about his untimely death.

He was an Argentinian singer/songwriter who grew up impoverished and without formal education. He had to walk miles and miles just to seek work to support his mother and many siblings. He was abandoned by his father at an early age and as an adult his wife and child died in a plane crash. He was considered a rebel and is particularly appealing because to me he is akin to the Irish balladeers that sang songs of Irish freedom. He was a voice for those not happy with politicos and officials and his death is considered an assassination.

Facundo Cabral was the definition of 'street cred'.

This is a life most would never want to live. This was a life that spawned music that would inspire millions around the world and especially in South America.

So, once again, I'm late to the party. I only heard about him after his death. Thankfully we live in the day and age we do. All I had to do was type his name in to my Pandora app on my iPhone and voila! I have a Facundo Cabral station.

The first song ever played on my new station was 'No Soy De Aqui, Ni Soy De Alla'. And it is beautiful, well crafted and weaves a story through delicate string play that I cannot for the life of me tell you the meaning of because it's in a different language. No clue. My limited Spanish allows me to pick up on a few words or phrases here and there but over all. Couldn't tell ya...

But here's my point in all this. He begins his songs with an introduction of the song, as most singer/songwriters (myself included) will do. Create the background for the story before singing the story. He introduces, sings and composes so brilliantly, that, even with a language barrier, I feel like I know the song. Even though I don't. It is a true gift to be able to speak in a foreign tongue and STILL connect with those who don't speak it.

So, if you have Pandora, create a Facundo Cabral station. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

*the image of Facundo Cabral was taken from

Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Measured Steps

In measured steps he makes his rounds
the click of heals the only sounds
He stands erect so straight and tall
with pride and dedication responds to the call...

That was a few lines from The Vigil, a poem we commit to memory as a Sentinel of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

I have the honor of being part of this very small, very elite group. I am badge number 408. So today, as I continued to hear about people making preparations to evacuate or board up their homes for the impending doom of Hurricane Irene, my thoughts went to Arlington National Cemetery. Between sections 7A, 48 and the Memorial Amphitheater. There is a white marble plaza that holds one of the most sacred places in the United States.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Right now, as you read this, there is a US Army soldier standing guard. Regardless of the elements. Regardless of the dangers. He is there. Standing vigilant. And he won't leave until properly relieved.

Keep the Sentinel in your thoughts and prayers. Along with all of our service members. They embody what it means to sacrifice personal freedoms and personal comforts for an ideal that has been fought for, that many have died for and many more have bled for.

*I copied this picture without permission. I do not know who took this photo. If anyone knows I would like to credit them, then ask for belated permission.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Let The Revolution... Continue!

To clarify, I'm completely late to the game and I acknowledge that. But that doesn't change the fact that I love to take the lead and run with it. I recently discovered juicing and I'm loving it. In typical 'me' fashion, I tell everyone I come in contact with about it. The amount of natural energy I've received from the most natural of sources has me befuddled. The first couple of days I thought maybe it was a placebo effect. But it continues without fail. I'm energized!

I'm off of coffee (I drank 3 or more cups a day) and off of soda (3 or more cans a day) and I'm doing my best to stick to the micro nutrients, fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts. Something i learned about watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross. I recommend this movie to anyone looking to get inspired to make a real change in their life. As I've said before, I'm not a doctor, a nutritionist or a physical trainer. I'm just a guy that has a burning ambition to be the best me I can for my wife, my kids and you!

So I'm gonna share some things I do that can combat the hurdles people have of being too busy.

1: If you are a TV watcher, i.e. you have your favorite shows that you watch to relax at night or wind down and you don't have time to go to a gym, this does not have to be a stagnant time. During commercial break get on the ground and do ab crunches. Alternate by doing push ups. Start with your knees on the couch and gradually progress to having your feet on the couch. Commercial breaks are typically 2-5 minutes, This is plenty of time to get many reps in and get a good work out, WHILE YOU WATCH TV!

2: Park as far as possible from the store you are going in while doing errands. On the way out, use the bags as dumbbells to work those arms and shoulders (as long as you didn't just buy a TV)

3: Go to a gym! We go to the YMCA. They have a great daycare and its included with the membership. Our kids love it there and have lots of friends there now. I was apprehensive about this because if you know me, you know I don't want anyone watching my kids but me. But they've definitely won me over.

4: After dinner, go for a walk. Eating dinner and going straight to bed is a great way to get fat. It doesn't take a doctorate to know that. And stop making dinner the heaviest meal of the day. Keep it light. This is a great time to stick to the micro nutrients!

5: If you have a hard time motivating yourself, find a friend to be accountable to. Push each other to be better each day

6: Have a goal. 3 pounds a month if you're looking to lose weight. It's not a lot but after a year that's 36 pounds! If you are able to do this and do basic activities such as walking, crunches, push ups and squats you'll be a new you within a year. Think about how fast a year goes by. Exactly. Do it!

7: Cutting soda out of your diet completely will help the previous goal by leaps and bounds. Diet or not, soda is made of syrup. It lingers. It never benefits you. Yeah, I know. It tastes great! So does McDonald's and other fast foods. I never went to a fast food place believing I was getting some nutritional value from it, I went because it tasted good to me. Plain and simple. I have just chosen to avoid it all together.

8: And always, if you're physically capable, take the stairs

The main thing to remember is this: You can do whatever you put your mind to. Nobody can stop you from becoming a better you because you decide what you do and do not do with your body with regards to what you put in it and how often you exercise.

So, back to my clarification. I'm late to this party. But I'm at this party now. And I intend to make it a better party than it was before. So, let the revolution... continue!

Follow or don't...

*I'm not a doctor, these images were taken off of google images. Always consult a physician before embarking on any new exercise or diet regimen

Thursday, August 25, 2011


A little bit of back story on me...

I grew up painfully skinny. The best way to describe my physical stature was as that of a Preying Mantis. In High School, when we'd lift weights for basketball, I could barely bench press the bar. I could eat all day, to try to gain weight and put on muscle mass, but inevitably I would LOSE weight. Now, people I know that have always had trouble losing weight hear this and say that they wish they had my problem.

No you don't...

There was nothing awesome about being in high school and looking as my mom best described as "looking like I just got rescued from a concentration camp". Her words. As a young man, when the hormones are starting to kick in and your measured worth is in size and speed and strength and you resemble a walking skeleton, it affects your psyche.

Getting out of high school, I enlisted in the US Army Infantry. At the end of basic training and Infantry school, everyone was excited to see that they had put on 10-20 pounds due to the rigorous exercise we were just put through. How much did I gain? Well, I felt much stronger. I felt like I was growing physically. So when I weighed in one last time I was in complete shock to see that I went from a weight of 139 pounds at the beginning of basic training to a final weight of 139 pounds... I hadn't gained an ounce. I'm 6'5". I'm not 5'6", where 139 pounds is a good weight. I'm tall. Really tall. And I looked like a standing coat rack.

Fast forward to recent years. My metabolism slowed down. The weight started packing on. I peaked at around 240 due to heavy drinking and late night eating. I didn't recognize myself in photographs. I was in denial about being fat after years of being emaciated. But after seeing so many photographs and realizing that I'd become larger than desired, I knew it was time for a change. On May 27,2001 I stopped cold turkey all drinking, smoking and drugs. I went off and on to different gyms and did about 5 or 6 different exercises repeatedly and didn't make much change.

In 2002 I began surfing nearly every day and my waist line began to trim down but that ended in 2004 when my surfing went from almost daily to maybe a couple times a month. I no longer went to a gym until mid 2006, where I fell back into the routine of doing a few different exercises but not a complete body workout. Add to that a new found love of gelato and living in a building that had a gelato shop in it and you've got a guy who's not very physically fit... Again...

In the past year, we've been going to the YMCA. I go at least 3 times a week though I try for 5 times a week. This time around, I've made sure to commit a day to all parts of the body and core for a total package, so to speak. In the past month and a half I began focusing on the nutrition aspect of exercise as well.

Now, we have a juicer. If you don't have one, I highly recommend one. I've maintained a weight of 215 for over a month now and I've increased strength in all areas of my lifting. I'm feeling pretty awesome about myself now and looking forward to getting in even better shape. As I like to say, I take seriously being a trophy husband ;-)

My whole goal for all of this? I don't want to be a body builder. I'm a musician, a singer/songwriter. Not a body builder. I want to be in peak physical fitness/health in order to be able to do stuff with my kids as they grow and age. I want my wife to look at me and get excited. And if I can, I'd like to motivate others to do what they can with regards to living a cleaner, healthier life.

If I can motivate people to get off the couch and go walk or do push ups and ab crunches during commercial breaks of their favorite TV shows then that would give me a great sense of accomplishment. To see people take back control of their lives inspires me and makes me feel good.

I've watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" four times now and recommend it to everyone I know. If we can individually hold ourselves accountable to the way we've lived, the way we've stressed our bodies with over eating and other indulgences and have people, on their own, come to the conclusion that they want to change than that would be a beautiful thing.

The best time to start is yesterday and you are capable of taking back control of your life. I believe in you!


This is me a couple weeks ago

*Always consult a physician before taking dramatic changes to your lifestyle in regards to diet and exercises. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, just a guy that is trying to better myself. Follow along or don't

My New Best Bud

I was walking hand in hand with my mother, a cancer survivor. We were about to complete the second official lap of the 2011 Downtown San Diego Relay For Life when my mom motions to a familiar looking man walking towards the event. I quickly realized who it was and we did a U-turn and made a bee line for him.

"Hey coach!" I said to him, "You think I can get a photo of you and my mother?"

"Let's do it!" He replied, emphatically. Adding, "Do you wanna get in the photograph?"

Who says no to that?

Bud Black, manager of the Major League Baseball San Diego Padres (for my out of country friends and non sports enthusiast friends) proceeded to talk with my mother for a few minutes. Never indicating he was in a hurry to get anywhere but right where he was. I won't share what it is he said as it seemed to be personal to him. We thanked him for being at the event and for the picture and he thanked us for what we were embarking upon for the next 24 hours.

In the next couple of hours, we noticed the coach walking with various peoples of all ages and talking with them and posing for pictures. He is a public figure that could've easily made an online donation, not dealt with people and went about his day. But he came out, in person, hung out with the 1500+ people that were there on the Embarcadero North Marina Park on this overcast morning and he made me a fan of my new best bud, Bud Black.

Thanks, coach. Now, hit 'em where they ain't!

Monday, August 22, 2011

An Army Amassed

Years ago, a silent killer crept...

This killer went undetected, taking with it the young and the old. It preyed upon the weak AND the strong, it did not discriminate against color, creed, ethnicity. It just continued to feed its endless hunger for life. And there wasn't anything anyone could do.

But one day, this killer was identified. It was no longer invisible. It was still a mystery, but, a mystery with a face and a name.

An Army amassed. Scores of people, all ages, all walks of life, all physical conditions, took up arm in arm against this despicable beast. Serene grassy knolls became tent lined battle grounds. Where this Army marched, armed with knowledge, armed with an indomitable spirit, armed with a purpose. The purpose was to put an end to this beast once and for all.

The beast still attacked, still preyed upon the innocents, but now, for the first time, the beasts' bite no longer cut deep into the flesh. Wounds healed, sometimes wounds were prevented from ever happening. The Armies saw this and their spirit grew stronger. They began to carry a weapon with them that can defeat any enemy.


The battles still rage on. Across the world in research facilities, in schools, on fields transformed for 24 hours into a beast slaughtering gauntlet. This beast still claims his prey but in fewer numbers than ever.

An Army amassed. And said "no more". This Army will not stand by, helpless with hands tied ever again. The Army is me and the Army is you and the beast is cancer

Friday, August 5, 2011

Legendary Moments With Legendary People

Last night, in the village of Rancho Santa Fe, I was fortunate to perform my music in the welcoming environent of Timmons Galleries

It is set back behind a craft store, restaurants and other offices in the village and is an open and inspiring space operated BY Leigh Timmons. She is a friendly soul that greets people with a warmth that I haven't experienced in an art gallery before. This month, she is showcasing photographer Neal Preston and his incredible moments captured in the lives of some of the most iconic performers of rock n roll.

The gallery is an open artist loft with stained concrete floors and walls lined with beautifully framed photographs of Bob Marley, Prince, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner and many more. The photos were taken during live performances and personal times of the artists. To perform my songs within this space last night, amidst the legends and icons, was both humbling and a huge honor. As they weren't there in person, I felt as though I was performing for them in spirit.

Next Thursday, August 11th, I have been asked back to perform. I'm incredibly excited to return to such a creative and inspiring space to perform again. The event takes place between 5:30 and 8:30, with complimentary wine and ambience a la me.

I encourage you, if you're a lover of music, photography and art, to please take the pleasant, winding drive to the heart of Rancho Santa Fe Village, meet Leigh and support her gallery. Located at 6024 D Paseo Delicias Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067.

I'll see you there next Thursday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 10 Summer Sandwiches... That You Can Spell

So I came across a link posted by one of my favorite morning show hosts, AJ from AJ in the Mornings on Star 94.1. He always has great lists and funny commentary on them. But the list I saw today was full of stuff I couldnt even pronounce, or afford to pay for.

So, in Coffeehouse Rebel style (whatever that means) I decided to create a top 10 list of Summer sandwiches, FOR THE PEOPLE!

10: White bread, lettuce, mayo and peanut butter. My dad always made it. It sounds disgusting, it's awesome. It's number 10
9: Wheat bread, mayo, Tapatio and leftover chicken.
8: peanut butter & honey on wheat bread
7: Jelly (your choice) and butter on white bread
6: cold cuts of ham and turkey w/ sliced cheese (cut in half angled to create triangles, not rectangles-hi tech sh** here) w/ mayo and mustard
5: hot dog sandwich on white bread with sliced pickles
4: peanut butter and jelly on white OR wheat, crusts optional
3: Grilled Cheese w/ Ham
2: Fried bologna on white bread w/ yellow mustard. Notice I specified YELLOW MUSTARD. Not Honey mustard, Dijon mustard, Aeoli...
1: The F**k yeah of all sandwiches made in your home, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato on toasted sourdough with mayo. The BLT!!!

Now this is a top 10 list!

*disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, this list is a list of stuff you can easily make at home, on a budget. Eating these won't guarantee you to become 6'5" and awesome, like the author. This list in no way, shape or form indicates that I do not love the Gaglione Bros Sandwich Shops

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Frodo's Journey to Destroy the Ring of Power Wouldn't Work Today

I'm pretty sure that most of you are aware of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you haven't seen the movies, you've at some point heard the story of it... probably. Maybe not. I'm going to assume, for the sake of this post, that you have.

I'm pretty sure that Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring would've failed miserably if they had to take their journey today. You know why? Four Square... Twitter... Facebook.

The Fellowship would've looked something like this on Facebook.
Frodo's FB Status Update would read: got a ring from my uncle. It doesn't heat up. Gonna take it to Mt Doom to destroy. Maybe I'll take it to a pawn shop instead LOL!

The comment thread would look something like this
Samwise, Merry, Pippin and four other friends Like this

Samwise: Mr Frodo, I'll totally go with you after I get done planting some pipeweed.
Merry: and by "planting some pipeweed" he means "masturbating to Rosie"
Samwise: Shut up, Merry!
Pippin: Yo, F, let's all go. I know a dope bar called the Prancing Pony we can go to and get pints!
Frodo: @Merry LOL @Sam-meet me at my house when you're done (wash your hands
first;-P) @Pippin- forealz? Is there a cover?
Smeagol: That sounds like fun, Precious
Frodo: Precious? Who the f*** are you? Who the hell is Smeagol?
Smeagol: No, Precious, We were friends with your uncle Bilbo, Precious. I'm an old family friend.

-Frodo has blocked Smeagol-

Smeagols FB Status Update: We've found the precious!
Comment thread:
WitchKing Agnar: I'll ready the Nazgul
Sauran: I'll send my army of Uruk-Hai. Where did you say they'd be?
Smeagol: Precious didn't say they would be at the Prancing Pony
Smeagol: Sh!t...

Later that night...

Frodo Update: Frodo has checked in to the Prancing Pony w/ @ Samwise, @Merry, @Pippin and 23 others

Next Day: On Twitter Feed for @MiddleEarthNewsShire: 4 local Hobbits found dead, hacked to death by ring wraiths. Authorities say they were tracked online and slain in their sleep.

End of story...

Moral of this story? Four Square is a stalker GPS. So next time you decide to tell everyone you're jogging, alone, at some remote lake...

Signs In Nature That A Buzz Word No Longer Has Any Meaning

We've been told to go Green, eat Organic, Raw, Locally grown produce and use Sustainable products. All of these had a value of some sort at what time. They had their own respective integrity as they applied to something real. Until...
A house is built under the guise of being "green" and it has a massive "green" lawn. A green lawn that requires a lot of water. Water that is supposed to be conserved because the reservoirs are low. A high rise ion downtown is boasting that it is environmentally friendly and "green" and has a massive water feature/fountain... I'm scratching my head. It's like the Hummer with the "Go Green" bumper sticker. Then the word "organic" is taken from its purpose of describing a way a food is grown naturally, free of chemicals, steroids etc. and applied to a way a person paints someones interior walls or gives a dissertation. It's the super lifted, independent contractor 4 x 4 diesel truck that boasts "sustainable energy" on it's non bio degradable door magnet (not to mention the massive tires that eat up three times as much fuel)

Here's my point. I'm not against people having grass in their yard, or lifted trucks that guzzle gas, or fountains in their high rise community or anything like that. My issue is with the raping of a word because it's popular. Taking a word that has a meaning and bastardizing it to stuff their wallets, knowing full well it's bullshit that they're selling, is something that is just wrong.

Okay, I'm done stumping. Can we agree that the term "Handcrafted" should be reserved for something you actually craft/build by hand. Like a wooden rocking chair or a knit scarf. Thank you Starbuck's for sending the word "handcrafted" the way of the Dodo.