Thursday, December 30, 2010

Street Level

She came into the world at 4:55am. She is perfect...

Zeya Rogue Cavanaugh is our baby daughter. At the time of this she is 1 day and 13 hours old. As our daughters before her, she will undergo numerous changes over her life. She will transform physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. My daughters are my greatest art.

My music is my second greatest art. Like my daughters, it is ever changing. My inspiration, style and feel are always changing. Ebbing and flowing, waxing and waning. It never stays to one style or one genre. That is why I created the term "street level" as my music genre. The one constant is the fact that I'm telling stories of my life. Sharing experiences, hopes, dreams, failures and triumphs that are relatable to anyone you meet up with on the street.

Street Level.

As my daughters will change over the course of their lifetime, it will be changes that are necessary for the health and growth and enrichment of their life. To expect them to never change would be a silly notion. As is with music. To expect it to be the same over and over again is a strange notion. How is an artist supposed to truly create and expand and delve deeper into the well of inspiration and creativity if stifled by conformity? Art is change. Art is not safe. Art is not stable. It will always change if it is to maintain its health.

Street Level.

Expect to continue to see a varied style in what I deliver. Be open minded to changes you hear in it. My goal is to keep you on your toes, not knowing what to expect except that you will love it.

Friday, December 24, 2010

11 years later

I went to see the Matrix in the theater over 11 years ago. It was ground breaking. Remember? Trinity jumped up, stopped, and the camera panned around her. Neo dodged bullets by doing the limbo on top of a building and he was finally able to see everything in lines of code.

All mind blowing

Within months, each of the Wayans Bros made a spoof with the stop panning motion shots. Those movies sucked just like the other abortions they make. Music videos used the graphic stylings of the Matrix, every computer geek had the trickle down green code as their screen saver. Probably thinking it would get them laid when they finally lured a stripper over to their house. Pretty sure both never happened.

The gigantic leap of faith that Neo took in taking the red pill over the blue is completely insane, with hindsight. This was still around the time that roofies were fairly new. So it wasn't weird for that time. But in watching it now, I can't help but imagine the newspaper article that would've been written a few days after Neo, nee Tom Anderson, took the blue pill. Given to him by a strange man in a dirty old Victorian house (neither should be red flags, right?) It would've read something like this.

"A body was discovered today, believed to be that of missing software developer Tom Anderson. No suspects are yet in custody but eye witnesses said they saw him leaving a rave, with a strange woman clad in a leather body suit that is known to associate with a man that goes by only "Morpheus". Further research into this "Morpheus" has revealed an address that leads to an old Victorian house that neighbors described as abandoned, apart from the 1950's Dodge Dart that is occasionally parked outside, and the quasi gang of leather clad goth/emo kids who sneak in there at night. It is suspected that this house may be a factory for a new drug known as Roofies, or "date rape" drug. Police say they are treating Morpheus as a suspect. We'll be following this story"

I still like this movie, unfortunately, nobody involved with it still has a career, except for Elrond of Rivendell aka Agent Smith aka V for Vendetta. He is this generations Han Solo/Harrison Ford of the Star Wars trilogy episodes 4-6.

The following movies were entertaining, even as you watched them jump over a pool full of sharks. Now, to wait for the VH1 episode of "Where Are They Now: the Matrix Cast"

PS, those sunglasses with no ear holders never took off. Sorry...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home Concert

Last night I played a house concert. Except it wasn't in a house. It was in a driveway in a military housing community. A drive way concert. There were a lot of military wives and a lot of kids. The husbands were deployed, serving our nation,. Preserving our freedom. Ensuring people like me that I'll be able to continue singing and writing and speaking my mind. Sometimes my opinion may not be to their liking but they're making a sacrifice for that anyway.

The sacrifice and commitment go both ways. These women, holding down the fort and keeping the home fires lit, were inspiring as well. These are the other halves. These are the backbone of the family units. They raise the kids, they endure sleepless nights. They don't always know when they'll get to speak to their loved one, so far away. They also have a hard job. They are Wife, Mother, cook, chauffeur, teacher, doctor, event coordinator, story reader, diaper changer, comforter and disperser of bad dreams.

To see the commitment within these ladies was humbling. I'm away from my wife for a day and it sucks. I couldn't imagine the long deployments and the loneliness that would ensue. That kind of commitment and love is what inspires the greatest songs, the most memorable movies. I was lucky to be able to entertain them for a couple hours. I am thankful to the men and women in our armed forces. I'm also thankful to the spouses that hold it down on this end as well. You are all inspiring and I commend you, and thank you!

Comments Sections

Every time I see the term "OpEd" I just think someone spelled "open" wrong. Anyway, talking earlier about the comments people leave on the newspapers online page in regards to specific articles. What happened to these people to become so blatantly hateful? It's like they hid in a closet, with all this pent up fury, waiting for Al Gore to invent the Internet so they could anonymously be tough. As one Twitter/Facebook friend said, "I'm all for snark, but this is just hate", He, like myself, uses his real name. Not trying to hide behind anything. You gotta appreciate a person like Mike in this day and age of people trying to hide within the anonymous confines of the web. He is the writer of the Owl and Bear: A San Diego Music Blog.

I like expressing my opinion. I like to come across as funny a lot of the time. It's my inner need to be a stand up comedian. I have a lot of love for those guys and gals that get up there and bare themselves to a sometimes stoic audience. Check out Christian Spicer, Rajan Dharni, Mal Hall and recent winner of the Rockstar Energy Drink Comedy throwdown, Zoltan. All funny individuals. I was thinking about the art of stand up the other day and how it parallels with music. Both require the ability to tell a story. Both require a sense of timing, meter, cadence and rhythm. And both require a fearless sense of "Hey, F**k it!". Because whatever you put out there, it has to be done without apology or regret. Otherwise, nobody will buy into it. Will you offend some? Sure. Will you lose some audience? Sure. But they weren't your audience to begin with. It goes the same with music. Gotta write and play what you know and feel or it comes across as fake and lacks a genuine quality people identify with.

All I know is, in America, when a guy wants to leave his family, he says he's going out for milk. In Chile, they say they're going to work in the mines... for 70 days... and hope the mistress disappears, I guess.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Have I Told You Lately?

Hello, sexy... Yes, you. It's been a while, hasn't it? Please forgive my absence. You're always on my mind but not always accessible. What have I been up to? Where to begin...

I'm a daddy and husband first. I love my girls. We're at 32 weeks pregnant with girl number 3, or as I like to call her, baby to be named later. We do have a name for her. But you won't know it until she's introduced to the world properly. With a Facebook/Twitter/Blogger post. Welcome to 2010.

I'm super proud of my oldest daughter. She has grown in an intellectual and emotional manner this year that makes me so proud. She is really taking that next step toward becoming a tween. Her grades are vastly improving and her care of her little sister is so sweet. My youngest daughter is growing so fast these days. She's speaking more and more. Learning her letters and numbers and colors and potty training. These two bring me to the verge of tears on a daily basis because of how awesome they are. I'm sharing a very private, intimate part of myself right now. My girls practically bring me to tears with their little faces, tiny voices and their massive amounts of love they show me.

My wife and I are super excited for our new baby girl. The crib is already put together and I'm keeping the December calendar pretty clear in case of emergency. Our due date is January 1st but we've had the tendency to be very early. We're registered at Babies R Us under Cavanaugh, Sheila and Chad, if you were interested in doing a little something for us. Any little thing is greatly appreciated.

I'm a rock star second. Looking forward to playing the San Diego House of Blues December 14th. Before that, I'll be playing the Ice Cream Socialists show this Sunday, November 14th at 7pm. At Mueller College, 4600 Park Blvd in University Heights. It's all ages and admission is $6 or a plate of food to share before the show starts.

On November 27th, a Saturday, at Cafe Libertalia in Hillcrest (3835 5th Ave) I'll be performing. It's gonna be very cool because my musical guest is coming from Albuquerque, New Mexico. His name is Aaron Lewis and he owns Chroma Studios. He is also a childhood friend and this will be the first time we've seen each other in over 2 decades. We've been looking forward to performing together for a couple years now so I'm very excited. Admission is $6 and it's all ages.

A new album is done. It's a live album recorded live at Lestat's West in Normal Heights San Diego. It's called "Chad Cavanaugh: Live On Adams Ave". I didn't call it Live At Lestat's because after some research, I've found that there are a ton of "Live at Lestat's albums out there. You can check out the live tracks at I'm really stoked on it. Jerris and I have been having a lot of fun playing these shows and have some pretty cool stuff coming up in the near future.

We got love for you! Remember, CoffeehousE RebellioN and We Got Love are available on iTunes(Search words "Chad Cavanaugh"), follow me on Twitter (@ChadCavanaugh) and like us on Facebook-search pages "Chad Cavanaugh".

Thursday, October 28, 2010

RIP Adam Dickmyer, Badge #528

Some of you know, others may not. I am a veteran of the United States Army Infantry. While in the Army, I had the honor of serving as a Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. From 28 Dec 93-14 Nov 95 I walked my tour in humble reverence. It is a rare honor to be down there. The badge I earned, #408, is a badge that has fewer recipients than the Congressional Medal of Honor. We are few in numbers and a tight bunch. The best way to describe it is a family.

Today, 28 October, 2010, I received a message that one of our brothers fell in combat in Afghanistan. His name is Adam Dickmyer, badge #528. Let me say that losing any service member is a tragedy and its affects are felt wide and far. This particular loss hits very close to home.

So as you read this, as you go to a play, drive to work, grocery shop, speak your mind in a debate, vote, go surfing, paint a picture or any other activity you do on a daily basis that may be anything from mundane to earth shattering, remember this. Remember that there are those out there that have sacrificed everything for us to be able to do this. They gave up everything for complete strangers, including their lives.

I wrote a poem before I took my last walk at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The last walk is a very emotional ceremony. Mine occurred on 14 November, 1995. I read this poem right after I walked.

In the bitter cold of Winter
when no one is around
and the blazing heat of Summer
with endless crowds abound
He cares not who comes and goes in his life
or who stands outside the chains
His only goal, a heartfelt mission
is to guard the unknown remains
No one knows where he has been
Nor where he will go
Except for the four that lay in the ground
For only they truly know
and when the Sentinel is in Valhalla
he'll hear the four cry
thank you for watching over us
thank you for standing by

Rest In Peace, brother Tomb Guard.
Adam Dickmyer, badge #528, KIA 28 October 2010 in Afghanistan

Monday, October 4, 2010

Holy Awesomeness, Batman!

Radio Sophie, the CBS San Diego affiliate statin that plays me a lot and shows me lots of love has featured me on their site. Check it out! Check this out!!! Featured on Radio Sophie!

WooHooo!!!!! What an awesomely amazingly fortunate thing to have happen!!! Thank you Cristy and Jane for Unsigned Sunday and all the love!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Break yo self, FOOOOOL!

Live Video Live

We opened for Sarah Tiana of Reno 911 on Sunday September 19th at the Onyx Room in Downtown San Diego. Live Comedy Live is produced monthly by local comics Christian Spicer and Rajan Dharni and they're HILARIOUS!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Street Team Wanted and other thoughts

How much can I write before the baby wakes up. Okay, here I go.

I'm looking for people to be a street team. You don't have to be in San Diego to do this. If you are willing to volunteer a little bit of your time to support my music and my fan base then please let me know. I will be extremely grateful for your help and will be more than happy to find ways to get you free stuff that pertains to my music as I get it. For interested street team members, email me at

I'm currently booking house concerts for October/November. Think "VH1's Storytellers" in your living room. It's an awesome experience for you and your friends you invite over. Makes for a great dinner party. Hit me up for details.

I'm super excited about playing these upcoming shows. 9/14 at the House of Blues! 9/19 is Live Comedy Live, 9/26 at 11am is at Lestat's for the Adams Ave Street Fair (CA's largest street fair) and that evening(7pm) at the Comedy Palace w/ Mark Christopher Lawrence from NBC's Chuck (Big Mike). Can't wait to rock this thing!

Again, for interested street team members, email me at Thank you so much!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Help Keep Music/Arts In School!

Music and art education is as essential for the growth of a child as (w)riting, reading and 'rithmatic! You can help keep this a possibility this Saturday night!

Brick by Brick, 7pm, 21+ and $15 to get in for a night of local bands, including yours truly, and comedy. Awesome raffle prizes available as well. Please come out and help this cause!

The money helps my daughters school. She attends a charter school, which doesn't get the same funding that public schools receive, so we the parents must come together to make a difference and we're reaching out to you! Please come out and have an awesome time this Saturday while supporting an incredible cause!

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not Everything Sucks

I've noticed a lot of hating going on in the social networking universe. Whether it be people hating on movies, music, restaurants or other people. Or maybe I just follow/am friends with a bunch of Hipsters. Because, really, nothing makes YOU look more awesome then tearing others down to detract people from your short comings. We all know that.

So I've come up with a list of things that I really like that I notice people hating on.
1) The new Clash of the Titans movie: When it came out, all I heard was how disappointing it was and that it fell short of the original movie. Nope, it's one of my new favorites. I've watched it ten times since last Tuesday because it is that awesome and that much fun to watch.
2) the San Diego Music Awards: I have friends that are nominated, I am NOT nominated. I couldn't be happier for them. Good luck to them all. They should all be pleased to just be nominated. I hope they have fun at the event. I am not an awards show person. I don't care for them. I understand they have a purpose in society. It's not my type of competitiveness but I know my friends are in to it so "Hell Yeah!" to all of you.
3)US Soccer: In the US it is easy to make fun of this sport. It doesn't produce much of a score, they allow ties and nobody is dunking over anybody else. It hasn't fulfilled an "appeal" to the masses yet. But! Soccer was my first love. It is an awesome sport to play. It can be hard to watch but I am pleased with the advancements in US Soccer. We aren't up to the worlds standards yet on the men's side but could very possibly be. As long as we have 11 players on the pitch that believe it, that's all that matters. Our women's team is awesome. Way to go, ladies!
4) Country Music: How often do you hear "I like anything but Country"? I hear it a lot. Country is a fun genre of music. It is story telling, boot scootin' (which means dancing) It's girls in tight jeans with thighs that could strangle a bull and music that shows American pride. I grew up on it, learned how to 2 step with my mother in the living room while it played from a phonograph (that is not a joke) and it invokes a spirit of hard work, family and country that I also cite for my reasons to serve this great nation. I like both kinds- Country AND Western.
5) Faith: It's popular to make fun of people of faith. It's really easy, too. Lot's of people call it a crutch, something to lean on for weak and stupid people. Also, there are people that spew hate and misguided agenda under the banner of their faiths. Whether it be the Taliban(Islamic Faith) Westboro Baptist Church (Baptist) Priests molesting young boys (Catholic Faith) or people protesting abortion clinics, fearing gay marriage and burning Korans (Christian Faith) the actions of these peoples in no way reflects the true nature of the faith they "Claim". Let me not forget the "bullhorn guy" that only serves to annoy everyone. I have a good grasp on my faith and what it means. It's not too hard for me to define "Unconditional love" and "All inclusive love". I know it's real and it makes me happy to have it in my life. I voted no on Prop 8, I don't push my agenda on others, I don't blow people up and I have love for all people. People that don't subscribe to any faith at all are exercising their rights. I fully respect their decisions to live their lives the way they want.
6) Being American: A lot of people around the world wanna hate on Americans. A lot of Americans that I have known also subscribe to this belief that being American is embarrassing and it's mostly based on a political tie. Guess what, I love being American. I come to tears about every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner. I love where we live and the diversity it has. I love the opportunity, changing landscapes and people of all walks that have come together to make it what it is.

There you have it. Me being positive about stuff.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Do you think farmers play Farmville? Probably not, since they gotta get up early and maintain a FARM!

However, I can see Mafiosos playing mafia wars. During the down time when they're waiting outside a guys house that they gotta whack. Or when they're hanging out at the docks in the early hours of the morning waiting for deliveries of mafia stuff. Like hair gel and cheap suits. They keep missing out on the shipments of diction, though it seems.

Does anyone else think it's fishy that the "organic" industry sells stuff for real expensive that doesn't keep for more than a couple days, forcing you to buy MORE organic stuff?!?!?! It's a racket, I tell you. Preservatives preserve! How did you miss that concept? Oh, because you don't sell as much product as frequently if it keeps. I got it now. Okay then, good talk.

I've made fun of vegan stuff before, and then I ate a vegan "candy" bar called a Trio. I found out I have some vegan in me.

I saw the new Clash of the Titans and loved it! What a fun movie that was. It wasn't really anything like the original, which I'm assuming made so many people say they hated it. The original was made out of Play Doh. The new one was made out of CGI. They're both awesome. Different stories altogether but a lot of fun. Talk about making it your own.
A lot of times people will cover a song and play it exactly as the original. Others will "make it their own" and put their own spin on it. Either way you do it you'll have haters and you'll have fans. I guess you just gotta do it the way you're happiest doing it (that's what she said)

If you haven't guessed by now, I've been sick and my head is a bit foggy so I dart around. It can make a fun drinking game-"Guess Chad's Next Topic".

When snot comes out and looks like guacamole, you may have a problem.

Ya know what is fun?(not really) Having an itch in your throat that let's you cough all night. Sweetness! What's better is when you finally get to sleep by 2am and your baby wakes up at 4am. SCORE!

I really want to get more tattoo's done.

You know that moment between sleep and consciousness? that fuzzy, warm time? I think THAT is reality. The rest is just expectation, disappointment, happy, sad, work, frustration and energy expulsion broken up by naked time and the occasional cheese cake. Well, maybe not, there's also the times when you see a little person grow and become part you and part them and part clinically insane person. I just try to laugh through it all and look forward to Cheetos.

I have over 400 DVD's and their alphabetized

I wear size 13 shoes in some brands and 12's in others. How is their no standard in the shoe industry? If we can't get cooperation their, how can we expect to achieve world peace?

I don't care what anybody says, google is way better than looking up sh!t in an encyclopedia and it's not a hindrance to our kids. It allows them to more quickly move on to discovering more info.

Quagmire completely destroys Brian the Dog over a steak dinner. It was classic, if you haven't seen it, you're missing out. Here it is: . Completely brilliant.

I love you...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Had Fun

I got a call from the music director of Carlos Santana's new restaurant, Maria Maria, on Tuesday. I was brought in to play last night (Friday) and have been asked back for the next two Thursdays. There's no part of what I just typed that doesn't kick ass. Last night, I had fun. It was a good sized crowd, a restaurant crowd, which is typically a crowd that is more tuned to talking, not listening. But these people were great.

They pipe me through the whole house and outside to the massive patio. It was a lot clearer out on the patio than inside due to acoustics but still a good time. I look forward to going back and next time, I'm getting some food. The menu looked really good. Everyone I asked said they thought the food was great!

Now, today, I shall spend with my girls and in laws. Finish up a new song I've been working on and the likelihood of me eating donuts is pretty high at this point. It's overcast right now, at 6am. It feels good. The heat will settle in later and we'll all wanna hang out in a cold bath so I'm gonna love this moment.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be performing 4-7 at Hennessey's Tavern in Pacific Beach. If you are in the area, come on by. I gotta song I wanna sing to you

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Am I Blue? House of Blues!

So I'm excited because I just booked a date at a place I've wanted to play for a long time... the House of Blues, Downtown San Diego.

It's not on the stage I ultimately want to play on, which is the one downstairs, but it is a chance to get heard there. And they will hear me ;-)

It's September 14th... grab your calendar because you need to be writing this down. I'll wait... you ready yet? Okay, September 14th at 7pm. The Voodoo stage. It is free and it is ALL ages. Bring your babies! But I really want to see your faces in those seats. Please make plans for it.

September 14th, 2010 7:00pm PST
House of Blues; Voodoo Stage
1055 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Days

Some days seem to last longer than others. It's the whole Einstein-theory of relativity-thing. Anyway, I'm happy to say, that this year is flying by. For multiple reasons. One, watching my daughter grow seems to freeze time while secretly speeding it up in some weird Jedi Mind Trick way. One of the others is because of music.

June was a busy month as was May. A lot of travel and a lot of shows. It was a genuine blessing to be able to perform in all the places that I did and for all the wonderful people that came out for it. From fundraisers to weddings to parties to bar/restaurants to Main Street Concert Series to Singer/Songwriter Day to open mics to the excellent radio time. All the new friends and fans I made along the way make me realize how fortunate I am to be able to do what it is I do.

Thank you all for your love and support! Remember, We Got Love is available on iTunes as is the CoffeehousE RebellioN. Please tell your friends all about it. Word of mouth is what I strive for.

Thank you all so much.

With Gratitude

Friday, July 9, 2010

Agree To Disagree

I have a friend. We don't always see eye to eye. He's one of my favorite people to hang out with because I believe we embody the freedom of speech and the right to our own opinions in a peaceful, friendly state.

From politics to religion to sports, we usually find something to disagree on. But there is something nice about being around someone who isn't going to agree with you solely for the fact that you're friends. It's even nicer to know that we remain friends with our differences. It shows that people can coexist and thrive in the same space without the same mentality.

I'm pretty thankful for this, besides, it keeps you sharp. It also opens your eyes to other viewpoints on things. You just have to be willing to open yourself up to it and listen, as opposed to waiting for your turn to talk.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Do You Think You're Benefitting?

Something happened earlier that completely shut off my filter. The thing that usually makes me bite my tongue. And I don't care if people don't want to be my "friend" anymore after reading this.

How in the name of common sense and good consciousness can people be putting on benefit concerts for the gulf??? Nothing sends a message to BP and big corporations everywhere that they can destroy whatever they want and we'll pay for it, letting them off the hook, like a benefit concert. To be very clear- I am sickened by what has happened in the Gulf and we know who the responsible parties are and they are NOT the American people.

Haiti was an event that no man made effort could have prevented. Those people were and are in dire need of help. Same with the flooding in Tennessee and other natural disasters of the like. Raising money to help those people out is honorable and admirable. It is people coming together to help other people after being devastated by an unseen force that is unstoppable.

Big oil, BP in this matter, is a seen force. They can be stopped. They could've prevented this had corrupt politicians not looked the other way for a price. Now we have an ecosystem destroyed. We have an entire coastline of people that are facing even more trouble with hurricane season approaching. Hurricanes are going to pick up this oil and hurl it hundreds of miles inland. More than the Gulf Coast is in trouble.

But the burden isn't on the Americans pockets. It's on BP's. They are responsible. Don't you see this? THEY ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!! They ignored warnings to save money.

Not one American should pay a dime for this. Donating money to help just tells BP that it's okay what they did. That it could've happened to anyone. Don't do it next time, slugger!

Holding a benefit concert is self serving. It only shows people that put it on and participate in it to be seeking face time in time of crisis. That is also referred to as Exploitation.

Yeah, I'm pissed. If you don't like that, too f***ing bad!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Insomnia: How Media Murdered Media

It's 2:27 am. The baby isn't awake. Why am I?

The glow from the iPhone screen bathes silhouettes in an eerie Anime style. Contrasting the contours of the room. Some items recede into the darkness while the corners are pronounced along with the lines of my hand and forearm that are extended, holding it.

Avatars scroll in a vertical manner, accompanied by 140 character or less stories of what is happening RIGHT NOW. Each one more important than the last.

We are our own news sources...

Avatars don't always match the story. The 20 something young girl making kissy face while taking her own picture appears not only attractive, but as if life will always be great. But her 140 character or less story contradicts that image. The guy standing, basking in the love of the sun with arms outstretched and eyes closed, obviously posing for the cover of the movie he is living in his head, seems to embody the perfect life, where there are no dishes in the sink and the laundry is always done, is stressing over some work related issue. Meanwhile, the black and white, highly contrasted image that evokes the Crow and all things Goth, has just announced an engagement.

All these things seem to clash at 2:36 in the a.m.

SO why am I up? Why is there a vampire outside of my window? Why are we, the chosen few, cursed with thoughts racing so fast that our eyes have to open to avoid a ticket, blessed with sleeplessness.

Friendster conceded to MySpace conceded to Facebook conceded to Twitter. Social networking is the dagger in the heart of traditional media, which can only try to contend with the up to the second update world we have come to live in. Media is murdering media. And it doesn't even know it. News channels and radio stations report events 12 hours or more after the entire world has heard about them. As the world has grown larger and larger it has somehow managed to make itself smaller in an imploding manner.

It's now 3:43 am. The baby just woke up. She said she had to "pee pee". That is breaking news. Heard here first. That is the life of the Stay At Home Rock Star. Yesterday I played for countless people on a large stage and later on a smaller, more intimate setting in two different parts of town. At the smaller venue, I began playing a Dave Matthews Band song, "Crash Into Me", which I learned for a wedding a few days before. The girl behind the bar was in love with the song and said it evoked memories of 8th grade for her. How old am I??? That was followed by the search for food for my wife and followed by the Family Guy Volume 8. Followed by waking up while those in the Twitterverse are just signing off of their perspective channels.

While emptying the little potty I had the thought- "why go to school and study journalism, graduate, search for a position at a news source. Possibly intern and try to become a correspondent and finally move your way up to the news desk as an anchor? Why try to get your own radio show when you can create it instantly online. Just let everyone you know hear about it and slowly build a following. Why? When you can be the next "Shit My Dad Says"? Let's not pretend that we don't all have some parental figure in our lives that says wacky stuff. This guy was just the first to put it out there. As Friendster conceded to Myspace conceded to Facebook conceded to Twitter (which now seems to be getting competition from 4square), "Shit My Dad Says" will be dethroned by a multitude of one uppers from basements and attics across the country, 140 characters or less at a time.

It's 3:54 a.m.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Turn the Page

Bob Seger, 1973...

Just completed a 2000 mile two and a half day journey with a 2 hour show in between. It was awesome. We played out in eastern New Mexico, a stones throw from the Texas border. A town that typically sees country/western, heavy metal and Tejano-Norteno music. The good people of Hobbs had a great time listening to us. We had an awesome time playing for them.

We left Thursday at 2am San Diego time. Got to Hobbs at 6:30 New Mexico time. Watched the Celtics beat the Lakers and found myself unable to go to sleep. Finally fell asleep around midnight-after 23 hours of being awake and 1,000 miles of driving. Woke up at 5am. Headed down to the radio station at 8 or so and did an on air interview at KZOR 94.1fm. It was a lot of fun.

Went back to the hotel and met up with Jerris who stayed up longer than me. We got into the car to head down to the venue to meet with the sound guy. As we got in the car we turned on the radio. It was playing a promo for our show that night. WOAH! How cool was that?!?!?! They played the promo over and over during the day. What a cool feeling it was. They were definitely excited to have us there.

Fast forward to that night. Did an on air radio interview before the show, got up and played to the crowd and had a blast. Got to sleep by midnite, woke up at 3:45 and got back on the road by 4:30 New Mexico time-3:30 San Diego time.

We got back at 5:30 last night and was greeted with an earthquake. Awesome.

Monday, June 7, 2010

5 Weeks

It's been 5 weeks since we got the membership to the Y. I've been going every day, except weekends, on occasion twice. Rewind back to December 27th.

We just got to my brothers house in New Mexico. It had been about 18 months since I had a gym membership at this point. To give a little background about me, I grew up extremely skinny. I was between 6'2" and 6'5" in high school. I weighed in at between 110-140 lbs between Sophomore to Senior years. My sophomore year I started out with a ruptured appendix that was initially diagnosed as an inflamed lymph node and was told I'd be fine. A week and a half later I can't eat, can barely stand up and am constantly throwing up. So we go back to the hospital and a different doctor says "looks like your appendix ruptured, we're gonna have to get it out of there". Now I have a lovely 4 inch scar on the right side of my abdomen from where they cut me open and had drained abscess from my body for 8 days. That is why I was 110 pounds.

So I've always been sensitive about weight. But people are NEVER sensitive towards skinny people and feel it's appropriate to walk up to someone and say "You are so skinny!". Now, to a woman it seems like a compliment. I'm not a woman. They are the worst words I could ever hear.

So fast forward to 2006-07. I have a gym membership that I'm using all the time and getting stronger and bigger. My weight stays around the 225-230 mark. Yes, I've doubled in size since those horrible days in high school. But being as tall as I am, it's a good weight. I'm at a point where I've got some decent size and feeling good about myself. Now fast forward back to the 27th of December, 2009. 18 months without a gym membership and my brother looking at me. He says. You've really gotten thin in the upper body...

What a crushing blow. I have little girls to protect. I can't be thin in the upper body! I'm supposed to be a super hero of sorts.

All of that has changed. 5 weeks back in the gym. Feeling great and getting back to super hero status. It will be interesting to see where I am in a year...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

All Time Favs

Cartoon Edition:
In no particular order, these are the cartoons I absolutely love and wanna watch all the time.

The Maxx
Samurai Jack
Bugs Bunny i.e. Kill da Wabbit
Family Guy
ThunderCats- HOOOOOOOOO!
Afro Samurai
Scooby Doo (pre 1985)
Tom & Jerry (pre 1985)
Woody Woodpecker show to include Chilly Willy
Ren & Stimpy (not the new crap they brought out in 2000 or whenever. The one that had weird voices, the originals with the Stupometron Helmet and Powdered Toast Man saves the pope)
The Ralph Bakshii rotoscope movies (Wizards, Lord of the Rings)

That's all for now...

Feel free to add your favorite in the conmments section


Really, WOW! That's what I was saying last night at the show I produce in downtown San Diego. The Coffeehouse Radio Live at Java Jones East Village saw an incredible array of talent last night. From bilingual crooner Benjamin Myers, Folk/Pop songstress Hilary Michels to guitar picking, soulful singing Aaron Kimball. It was an event that will be talked about by those in attendance for some time.

I love when the talent that I book brings such a diverse style of music to the table. Benjamin Myers is a North County Singer Songwriter that has roots in Spain and sings in both Spanish and English. A smooth delivery over intricate chord progressions and accompanied by his neighbor, Darryl, they really delivered a sound performance in what I consider to be the top room in downtown for acoustic music.

Hilary Michels went next. Usually she sings while playing piano, backed by a full band. But recently she's been inspired to pare it down to a trio where she performs vocals and is backed by a lead and rhythm guitarist- Vince and Colin. It was in incredibly upbeat and fun experience. She is going to be featured on Women of Substance Radio in a few weeks up in Hollywood. Out of the numerous submissions to perform the inaugural event-she was chosen in the top 5!

Closing out the night is one of my favorite people to watch and listen to. Our third North County resident of the evening, Aaron Kimball. As I sat and listened I was reminded of an American version of the UK's rising star, Bobby Long. Intricate yet melodic guitar picking with a voice that is steady with relevant lyrics make Aaron easy to listen to. An interesting stage presence keeps you on your toes for sure.

If you haven't been out to a Friday showcase that I put on, then you need to readjust the way you live (if you have any interest in music). The amount of talent that has come through the doors at 631 9th Ave is tops and the layout of the room make it ideal for this event.

If you're thinking that Live acoustic music by singer/songwriters is just a night of some guy or girl strumming a guitar and moping about life then you are sorely mistaken. This is an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, funk, hip hop, folk and all around toe tappin' ass shakin' good fun.

The next event will be an all girl showcase (except for us) on July 9th. Put it on your calendar! It will feature Alyssa Jacey, Heather Green and Jaylen Grene! Disclaimer: line up subject to change without notice, so don't sue if it happens.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dark Stuff

I had four friends commit suicide last year. I think about them daily. It never sits well. Why? Is always the question that comes to my mind.

Shit gets tough in life. That'll never change. But the amount of commitment it takes to take your own life... seems to me that all of that energy could be put to good use.

When the days get short, in the Winter time. I get depressed. I think it's called SADS. That's when I write most of my songs. I take that depressed energy and try to make a positive out of it. Sometimes it's because I didn't eat much that day and my chemical imbalance kicks in. None of this should come as a surprise. I'm an artist.

I try to be positive about stuff but that's not always the case. I have a lot of rage that builds up sometimes. I see stuff going on around me that I have no control over and it gets me furious. But I don't like the idea of getting upset over things I can't control.

I think the worst is people who aren't genuine. People who are your friend if you can do something for them. When you can't do anything for them, they forget you. Or people who don't understand reciprocity or who just flat out miss the point on what it means to be a friend.

Ultimately, in life, we're lucky if we can count our real friends on one hand.

Why did they take their lives? Why did that guy lay his head on the train tracks in Oceanside on Sunday. Why is there a massive double standard in the world that pertains to anything you want it to?

Why do I internalize stuff that depresses me...

"The Crying Indian"

Do any of you remember the commercial from the 80's where the Native American man would walk around, see trash on the ground, and cry? I do. Vividly. Many jokes have been made about it in the years since but now it seems as if there were ever a time for the comeback of "the crying Indian", it would be now.

Seeing photos from this ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is heart breaking. People in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida will forever be effected by this tragedy. Now the people that have been working on the cleanup are getting severely ill and officials from BP are saying not to jump top any conclusions because it may be "food poisoning".

I remember seeing the white sand and crystal blue water of the Florida panhandle. Will my kids ever get to see it? It reminds me of the fact that I learned how to swim in Mission Bay in an area that now posts a sign with a skull and crossbones. Multiply that times a million and you have the gulf.

My friend Eric posed an interesting question to me today. He asked "what if this oil were like an insulant from the magma at the core of the Earth? Now that it's spewing uncontrollably, is it like all the insulation being sucked from your home? Leaving it defenseless against the intense heat of the Earth's core?

Can you imagine a massive void being created in that area and the earth just collapsing in on itself? I wonder if this is something that was ever brought up? I wonder if this was something that was brought up and immediately silenced due to the amount of money oil generates. What the hell do I know? I'm just a stupid singer/songwriter. College drop out. What would I know of the planets make up. The different layers of the earths crust, plate tectonics, geothermal catastrophe possibilities. How do we know it's not like a big game of Jenga- and all the middle pieces have been removed but one. One piece, with the Western Hemisphere teetering upon it above an abyss of molten rock and gas.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

I like to reference Dr. Suess' The Lorax. It is so fitting. Big business destroying the environment for big money. When all is used up, they pack up and go leaving a trail of fractured life and pollution. Getting away with it by greasing palms and high priced lawyers at fancy lunches striking deals for each other, just in time to make their tee times.

The Indian is crying. I don't have anything happy to say. This disaster sucks!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June... No Gloom

It's already June! Awesome! You know why? Lot's of cool todoings going on 'round these here parts.

Friday night, Java Jones, 631 9th Ave downtown San Diego at 7pm. I have joining me my very talented friends Hilary Michels, Aaron Kimball and Benjamin Myers. It's free and it's all ages.
Saturday from 5-7pm at Hennessey's Gaslamp 708 4th Ave I'll be playing the Happy Hour and it is also free and all ages.
Then I'll be shooting up the road to the 92103 to help raise money to save the boobies! 3834 5th Ave is Java Joe's at Cafe Libertalia. It'll cost you $5 and there will be raffle prizes as well as this awesome lineup: Derek Evans, Rob Deez, Jon Lall, Kelsea Rae Little and a special guest.
Sunday, I'll be playing a private House Party out in San Carlos.

And that's it for San Diego because we'll be heading East on a little Southwest tour that will be awesome!

The following Friday I'll be in the OC playing a very special wedding for two awesome people. I met Mike and Saphoura downtown while playing and they loved me enough to have me at their wedding. I love that!
The 19th will start off at the San Diego County Fair on the Chevy Paddock Stage for the 6th annual Singer/Songwriter Day that showcases the best singer/songwriters in the county. This is my second year in a row playing. Pretty sweet. That kicks off at 10am.
Then I'll be heading south to play the hennessey's happy hour again from 5-7. I love that room. Come find out why ;-)
the next day I will be performing a wedding for another good friend I met through playing in downtown. I'm very excited to be a part of Thai's big day!
The next Friday, the 25th, We'll be back at the SD County Fair on the Plaza Stage headlining that stage from 9:30-11. Get your chocolate flavored bacon and dance your ass-ass off to us on the big stage.
Saturday the 26th, back at the awesome Hennessey's Gaslamp from 5-7pm to make it the happiest two hours ever.
Sunday the 27th will wrap up the month with a fun night of Comedy featuring headliner Chris Clobber and my good friend, the funniest Kurdish man in America, Matin Atrushi.

other shows may get added at any time so keep your eyes peeled.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

No Next Times

Nine years ago woke up and didn't know where I was. Didn't know who I was with. Didn't recognize myself in the mirror. It was then and there that I realized I was going to die soon if I didn't change something about me.

This morning, nine years later, I woke up in my bed, with my wife and my youngest daughter in our home. Like every morning, I thank God that I'm alive. I'm grateful to have two healthy children, a loving, beautiful wife and a second chance to live.

I don't dwell on the whatifs anymore. They had their chance and lost. Instead, I look forward. To birthdays, holidays, weekends, Mondays, 2:45pm, car rides to the store, times on the stage at my shows, hearing my songs on the radio.

Not bad for a guy that should be dead. So I make the most of this second chance. I make the most of this time. I tell people I love them, and mean it. I wouldn't want something to happen and never have taken the opportunity to express how I really feel. There aren't any guaranteed next times. I'm not afraid of people think of me. My wife and kids think I'm pretty cool. That's all that matters.

Three years ago today an incredible woman took me as her husband. I am a lucky man. I am a blessed man. I know this. I love this. I love you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tattoos are awesome. I love them. I have 9, currently, and can't wait for more. But I've noticed an evolution in tattoos over the decades...

Years ago, tattoos were pretty much only found on bikers, inmates, sailors and whores. They weren't a mainstream thing, mothers and daughters didn't get them together for their birthdays and athletes didn't have them.

Then, in the 90's, they became something people were getting more often. You'd see a guy in a suit next to a guy in a golfing outfit next to a biker in the lounge of a tattoo parlor. The big thing in the early to mid 90's was to get the tribal work done. Usually an arm band or something down the back. For the ladies, the tramp stamp started to make its presence felt. And Dennis Rodman happened, also.

Let's talk about the tramp stamp for a minute. It became known as the tramp stamp for a reason. It was a tattoo on the lower, or small, of the back. In the late 90's, if you were at a club talking to a woman, and she showed you her tramp stamp. You were pretty much guaranteed to take her home and do what you want with her. Not really the case anymore. Now, the lower back tattoo is present on all types of women.

The tribal arm band, or any armband in general was a tattoo that guys got to because it was thought to be tough. Like barbed wire around the bicep. Nothing said, I should be the captain of the football team like the barbed wire tattoo around the bicep. Not so much anymore. You don't see a lot of guys coming out with armbands anymore. Now, it's the sleeve on the forearm or upper arm or the entire arm.

So tattoos pretty much were reserved for the arms and upper backs on guys and lower back, hip and ankles of girls. Not so much anymore...

The bar continues to be raised. The Sailor Jerry style is in full effect(there is even a rum available called Sailor Jerry) and guys and girls both are getting full neck tattoos along with tattoos on the face. Hands and fingers have found their way into the mix as well. No part of the body outside of the bathing suit area (think speedo) is off limits. Even the insides of the mouth. Even athletes are fully engulfed in ink.

What does this mean? It means the body is a canvas and tattooing is an incredible art. It isn't even permanent anymore. With laser removal or cover up work. Can't wait for my next one.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Things That Didn't Succeed

I've decided to create a new series devoted to things I believe would not succeed. Not to be negative, just for a laugh. Each one will be on a different topic.

Today's topic: Potato Chip Flavors
1) Owl Flavored
2) Spackle and Cream Flavored
3) Dental Cleaning Dust Flavored
4) DVD Flavored
5) Liver and Onions Flavored
6) Golf Club Handle Flavored
7) DNA Flavored
8) Chum Flavored
9) Petri Dish and Salt Flavored
10)Embalming Fluid

I'm sure they were all tested, and failed. Feel free to add your failed flavor ideas...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day In The Life Of the Stay At Home Rock Star

There is nothing more fulfilling then sniffing out a bogus lie from someone who has worked hard on their "sincerity". Pleading for sympathy for knowingly committing a crime by making themselves out to be the victim. I don't have a lot of sympathy.

I'm waiting for my point of contact to get me into a parking garage downtown yesterday. I was brought down to perform during a wine tasting event at a downtown community and the buildings have secure, underground parking. As I'm waiting, a woman with her small child comes walking quickly out of the garage on her phone. She looks distraught. At first I surmise that someone who she is to be meeting is running late. Then I realize it must be worse.

MY POC gets in the car with me and we roll down our window to ask the woman what is going on. She says that there is a man sitting in her car down in the garage! She happened upon him, inside the "secured" garage, while holding her child! We park my car in my assigned spot and I quickly run back to her, asking where her car is located. She points me in the direction and says her husband is down there and that she is scared because she thinks this guy may be with more people. I sprint down the ramp and find the car.

Sure enough, a man is sitting in the passenger seat. The owner of the car is speaking to him from the back seat door on the drivers side. As I get there I notice a backpack on the ground. The owner of the car says to me that the guy claimed to be homeless and hungry... So I ask him what's in his backpack, he hands me a small satchel. Saying his passport was stolen, he's here from France and he is hungry. I ask him how he got into the garage. He said the garage door was open. About that time, the cops arrived and took him. He's in jail, his French accent probably doesn't exist anymore...

In my years living downtown, I was aware of numerous break ins in downtown garages. Groups of thieves would steal the "fobs", the garage remotes, and go into the garages and search for unlocked cars. This occurred all the time. This so called "homeless" guys story was so full of bs. If you live in or are visiting downtown and parking in a "secured" underground garage, make sure you lock your doors. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOORS! These criminals are lazy, that's why they steal. If you leave your doors unlocked, they will get into your car.

So after the adrenalin rush wore off, I went upstairs and played a fun wine tasting event. The community was a group of awesome people, neighbors and friends, that put together a really cool event. It wasn't all thirty somethings, either. The ages ranged from early 20's to the 60's. They all mingled well. It was very cool.

Moving along, last night-or very early this morning, I should say-I received multiple phone calls within a 15 minute period from an unfamiliar number. When I get woken up I don't go back to sleep. I texted this number to ask who the hell was calling me at this hour??? They responded with "Cynthia?". I wrote back that they have the wrong number. They responded with "Wild" then "woodys?" then "Phil bar fight".

Feel free to call (619)942-6277 around 2 in the morning and then text them inane bullshit. Drunk dialing a wrong number is garbage. Thinking it's funny is even a larger heap of garbage then dialing the wrong number. What would be funny is if people would return the favor. It probably wouldn't be so funny to this person. They'd probably take exception to it. They should rethink their life.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Target Market

One would assume that I might be speaking about Target...

There are times when I can't sleep or I'm woken suddenly, as abruptly as a body decelerates if falling from a building and hitting pavement. Sorry, couldn't think of a better way to describe it. That is what I was trying to avoid this morning when I woke up at 3:30am. Deceleration trauma. What a horrible nightmare that was. Clinging to a slippery mattress at the edge of a 60 or so story building. Freaking out, on the verge of a heart attack.

Years ago, I would have these and wake up and turn on the TV. It was then that I would ponder the question, "who the hell is the target market for this infomercial???"

3:30 in the morning and a 30 minute commercial for male enhancement pills is on. There is a panel discussing its proven formula. Really? This is the time slot? 3:30 in the morning? You're targeting single men that can't sleep? What good is "enhancement" for someone who ain't gonna use it? It's like advertising Levi's to the Amish or OroWheat Bread to a Cylliac. While you're at it, advertise diapers to the infertile that have been prohibited by the courts to adopt.

Moving along, in my smooth transition style, to one of my all time favorite movies. Monty Python and the holy Grail. To quote Dennis, "I'm 37, I'm not old"

Advertisements I would like to see:

A) A pill that makes excessively, chronically hairy people become the exact opposite. You know the people I'm talking about. The ones that look like they have insects legs poking out of the tops of their shirts... on their backs! Usually, this person is a recently captured member of Al Qaeda or an individual that is on vacation here in San Diego from some remote location. Maybe I'm the one with the problem, but the hair shirt is odd and arm hair that can be combed belongs in the deep recesses of the Pacific Northwest and Ft Benning , GA. (if you're keeping up with this, you know of what I refer to)

B) The old cereal commercials. They were awesome. Cereal is awesome. It needs no more explanation

C)A bad breath detector that you can wear like a necklace. If you encounter bad breath, an alarm goes off. Therefore, it's not like you're telling someone they have bad breath-which can be very uncomfortable to do- it would be the device. And the person couldn't argue with the technology. Usually, the first sign of someone that doesn't brush their teeth is them licking their teeth when the subject of brushing said teeth is brought up.

D)A "You ain't gonna like this" warning device. A device you can program to know what your likes and dislikes are. So when you come across a foreign food or a foreign film, for that matter, or the Lifetime network, it will go off and warn you. So that you don't have to lose that part of your life. Just don't keep it on your person when entering certain places like the DMV, or a Rob Schneider movie, as this is already a given.

Thank you for bearing through my sleepless ramblings. As always, take with a grain of salt and lighten up, will ya? :-)

For some more hilarious musings, check out my friend, Comedian Rajan Dharni, at

P.S. If you stare at his picture, you'll notice his beard growing.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Poncho and the Creepy Thing

There are all manner of creatures that give us the willies. Creepy-crawlies, spiders, spider webs, silver fish, joom bugs, stink bugs, centipedes, millipedes, snakes, ugly dogs, Kerry Steigerwalt's eye...

So here I am, the lone man amongst many women. The 6'5" 225 pound former Infantryman, one time bouncer, one time practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Shi Do Kan Karate. The go to guy in my house when something creepy walks up the wall or across the floor. Let me tell you, coming from a family that is genetically predisposed to cringe at the sight of spiders, this is not a fun position to have. Spiders freak me out. Watching those 8 legs move independent of each other is just skin curling. I almost always have to fast forward through the scene in the Return of the King where Sam and Frodo encounter Shelob, the tarantula.

So you can imagine my trepidation when my then 4 year old daughter screams, runs out to me and says "Daddy! Poncho's creepy thing!"

Ummm... what is that supposed to mean? Did my little Rat Terrier, Poncho, get attacked by spiders? Is he crawling with centipedes or fleas or mites or Kerry Steigerwalt's eye?


Some say red rocket, others call it lipstick. My daughter called it "creepy thing". For some reason, my dog got "excited". So much so that it wouldn't go back in. He stood there, embarrassed look on his face, with his back hunched. He could barely walk. My wife began to laugh. We now knew what the creepy thing was.


There was a knot toward the base of his "creepy thing" that wouldn't allow it to go back in. He began to whine as if in pain. I felt really bad for my little buddy. He even looked like he was embarrassed. It was as sad as it was funny. It took some work to get it back in but he is happy and healthy to this day. And every time I hear the word "creepy" I can't help but get a mental image of my poor dog, hunched over in embarrassment, with his lipstick stuck on the outside.

*On a side note, check out my friend Zoltan's comedy at As I did not outright steal his Kerry Steigerwalt joke, I was definitely inspired by Zoltan to poke fun.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I find it funny that fast food restaurants have websites with nutritional information. Why? I half expect to type in the web address and have a single page pop up with nothing but the word "none" positioned prominently in the middle of it. A Times New Roman font with a letter size of 36 so that nobody misses it.

First of all, who is going to a fast food place for nutrition? Really? Here's a hint. If you order food through a speaker, and your food is shoved at you through a hole in the wall in a paper bag, there is no nutrition. NONE. Don't try to justify it by saying, "It has lettuce and tomato" or "I ordered the salad" or "I got a diet Coke".

The "vegetables" that come on fast food are fairly suspect. The salads seem as real as a McRib and Diet Coke isn't going to offset three double cheeseburgers.

Let's face it, this sh** is just tasty and addictive.

I get fries at Golden Arches. Because they friggin' taste good. I get double cheeseburgers because I'm a carnivore and I love that stuff. Throw bacon on it and we'll be new best friends.

Subway makes me questions the choices I make in life i.e. the time I spend standing in line watching gloved hands handle this supposed good for me food. I can't get that time back!

I guess it's true that we don't always love the things that try to love us...

Having a nutritional website for fast food is like the BS premise of being "earth friendly". Stop pretending like you can save the earth. You can't. It doesn't need you. It heals itself. Start speaking in truths such as : Let's preserve ourselves! Let's find a way to help us live longer here. We as humans need these resources, not Earth. They are Earth. They're fine. The only thing we need to sustain is our ability to thrive. You'd get a lot more people to act in an "earth friendly" way if you labeled it differently. Ask them to behave in a "Save your OWN ass" way. Watch how many people start recycling after that.

Last question about this. Why is it that things that are "green", "organic" and/or "sustainable" cost so much green? I'd have to sell one of my organ(ic)'s to get enough green to sustain my family. I call bullsh*t on the whole thing.

Oh yeah, try to sell global warming to the people that live in the heart of this country, suffering through -30 degree temperatures. Hot enough for ya?

Take it all with a grain of salt. Don't get involved with cock fighting and love the people around you... or at least try.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm asked all the time to describe my music to people I meet for the first time that haven't heard me yet. Usually, they're looking to pigeon hole me into a style or genre. I've looked at all the genre's and don't know that I actually fit entirely into any of them.

A little rock, a little acoustic, a little blues, a little reggae, a little ska, a little hip hop and some folk. I don't really know what Indie means but you can throw that in as well.

So I've decided to take matters in to my own hands and create a genre that best typifies what I do. I call it Street Level. On the Street Level of life, you find truth, you find grit, you find some dirt and trash. You see graffiti and you see hardship. The gravity of life culminates on the street level. As opposed to the Penthouse level of life. The place where economic conditions don't matter. A place where fast food is something your chef whips up in 30 minutes instead of an hour.

No, street level is the level of the people. It can be ugly sometimes but it never lies and you will always find a time in your life that you can relate to it.

Street Level, the genre, is the best way to describe my music. The front porch story tellers and the street corner prophets. The barber shop big mouths and the fly on the wall. I tell stories about life that make you laugh and make you cry. Make you feel the pain of loss and the joy of birth. It's real life brought to your ears over a simple chord arrangement that you'll hear on the street.

Street Level... it's what you hear when you listen to me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kullers, Colours, Colors

When my parents were growing up, there was no color. Everything was in black and white. What??? Are you an idiot? (you ask yourself) Nope! I have proof! Go watch Nick at Nite. The Honeymooners, Leave It To Beaver... must I go on? They lived in a world where "Shucks" was a curse word. Everybody tucked their shirts in, kids wore their hats correctly and lawns were all neatly manicured. Boys asked girls to the sock hop and shared a soda or a malt (because they tasted different back then and were good for building strong bodies and minds. On occasion, kids from a different school, and you knew they were from a different school because of their Letter Jackets, would show up and a rumble may occur or a race down a wide and unused street would settle a score. People would find out about it days after by word of mouth or telegram.

However, when I was growing up, everything had a kind of washed out sepia tone to it. Kids hair was getting longer. We wore our hats backwards kept our shirts untucked and rode skateboards. We crashed hotel parties after the prom and snuck out of our houses, taking our parents cars. We'd meet up in fast food parking lots and get in gang fights. You knew who your friends were by the colors they wore. And we could reach those friends by pager or phone.

So what are my daughters gonna do? Obviously, they live in an HD, 3D Liquid Crystal Display world that can be paused at anytime. Thousands of opportunities at their fingertips. Will they choose the boy they like because of how cool his hovercar is? Will they only date boys whose parents have time shares on the moon? Will they congregate with their friends at WiFi cafes, synchronizing their handhelds and DMing each other because "talking is soooo 2005". It's a crazy fast hi tech world we're in and it's only getting crazier. My girls don't know what a cassette tape is. My dad had to tell me about the phonograph.

What will our kids teach us about? From black and white to super 3 dimensional high definition liquid crystal display, one thing remains constant.

We all have to do stupid homework...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have no idea. No idea whatsoever to write about today. I could tell you how I finished up two songs yesterday that I'm stoked on. I could tell you about the dream I had where I was on tour in a camper van but every road I tried to drive down was closed off. I could tell you how my youngest likes to sit on my shoulders now and calls it "back pack" instead of piggy back-even though it's not a true piggy back. Or how my older daughter is just about ready for guitar lessons. She can already sing.

So I don't know where to go with this. I think I'll just get off of here and practice. Good lord, Barney just came on... a purple dinosaur teaching Spanish to kids.

Oh, I know what I can say. Here's something that maybe I shouldn't spend any emotion on but I saw a little scooter take up an entire parking space. I felt like that was complete garbage. There's motorcycle parking everywhere. Why waste an entire space on a quasi vehicle??? Then a woman driving toward me (which was the wrong way as I was on a One Way) was yakking away on her cell phone and wanted me to get out of her way!?!?! DO you ever read bumper stickers that piss you off and you start hating the person in that car? Haha. But what if someone who believed the exact opposite of those stickers messages was just borrowing that car. Then your Spy Hunter like Oil Slick would be wasted on them.

I realize this has taken a turn for the worse. Oh well. Since I'm heading down this path, I will leave you with this one thought. On Mother's Day, mom's come first, but I'm pretty sure they became mom's because daddy came first. You're welcome...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Judge Me

January in Ft. Benning Georgia is freaking cold! It was 1992 and I was finishing up Infantry School. It was the last week of January, we were on FTX (Field Training Exercise) and it was just after chow(that's Army for dinner). I was standing around with three other buddies and we were sharing stories about whatever it was we did or would do if we were back home and not in the middle of a forest freezing our balls off. Sorry for that colorful language. I can't think of any other way to best describe how horribly cold it is out there.

So a fourth buddy comes running from the treeline, where he just went to pee. And he's frantic. He starts saying that there is a "monster or some shit out there... it was watching me. I could hear it". He didn't see anything but heard something he described as sounding very large and breathing heavy. It was heavy footed and didn't try to be stealthy. Being the good, caring friends that we had become to this guy, we laughed at him and called him an idiot. He swore up and down he wasn't kidding.

In the meantime, one of our buddies snuck off in to the treeline, started snorting and stomping around on all fours, sounding like a beast was out in the treeline. The buddy that claimed to encounter the beast while peeing began to freak out and was about to turn white as a ghost when our friend emerged and we all had a big laugh at his expense. But he didn't laugh.

That night our squad went out on a recon mission. We returned some time around midnight. We talked about the mission and then went to our hasty fighting positions where we would wait out the rest of the night. A hasty fighting position was two helmets wide by my body length by 6 inches deep. Then you build up a mound over it to look somewhat like natural terrain. The idea is that an approaching enemy wouldn't notice it at all. you build one along side your battle buddy. About an arms length away. Then you have this pairing of hasty fighting positions create a perimeter for your platoon or company or whatever.

So to get some rest, you take turns sleeping. I'm awake, staring out at a treeline and nothing else going on. The moon was out, casting some light on the earth. I had put out trip wires that were OD Green. It was made from 550 Chord. It was dark enough to where an approaching enemy wouldn't see it and trip on it, setting off flares and alerting us to the movement and allowing us to see where they were. This is important to mention. And here is why.

I begin to hear something making a lot of noise as it approaches us (I knew this because the noise was getting louder) I at first thought that maybe it was a deer or something of that nature. But I couldn't really see because it was still in the treeline. When it finally emerged from the treeline and slowly headed my way I really didn't know what I was looking at.

I first tried to imagine which person in our platoon or company was THAT large. Was it our Drill Sergeant? He was a large man. But he wasn't that tall. Was it some local Deliverance type indigenous hillbilly out looking for opossum? No way. This thing was as big In the chest as it was tall. It had long nappy looking hair, almost like Predator, and it had a face that jutted out. So was it someone in a Gas Mask? Nope. It breathed. More like snorted. You know how when it's cold outside you can see your breath? It exhaled so heavily that a plume of air shot out and then lingered before it dissipated. I began to realize that this might be the thing that scared our buddy earlier. I gripped my M-16 tight then realized I only had blanks. I nudged my battle buddy who I heard whisper the words "what the f**k is that?"

This creature approached our position, and stopped. It looked down at where our trip wire was set. Something I don't believe any human could see. It looked back up and stared right at us. All I can remember is dark orbs where the eyes were. It spun around, again, when it did this I could see how physically massive it was, and plodded back off into the treeline. Long lopey steps. Very heavy footed. Not human.

Had to be a Bigfoot.

Most people who have encountered Bigfoot talk about the smell. I don't remember a smell. Most likely because we had been out in the field for about a week with no shower and we stunk so bad we couldn't smell ourselves.

I'm not insane, I just saw what I saw. Some people believe. Others don't. I don't care about theories and whatever else people conger up. That thing was real, it was in Ft Benning, GA, which is also Columbus, GA which is the South and West area of the state. It is very remote and full of wild stuff. No, I haven't been abducted by aliens, too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stay At Home Alone II

So here I find myself, Saturday morning, house to myself. What do I do? Well, so far the bathroom is cleaned, laundry is half done, the baby's room is straightened up and the dishes are done. This is the second time in years that I've had this situation. I say in years but I should also mention that the last time this occurred was a couple months ago. Last time I had designs of getting songs written. Instead, A movie marathon occurred. It was awesome.

However, today, a couple songs are already in the works and I am hoping to get to more of the new movie. Due to back to back to back performances, I haven't had writing time at night. That wasn't a complaint.

Home Alone with the Stay At Home Rock Star. You best believe I'll say that it was a party. So really it's up to the reader to define exactly what a party is.

And it's only a half day alone, I'll be playing the happy hour at Hennessey's Gaslamp downtown from 5-7pm so there will be some adult interaction. Come by and interact with me

Friday, May 7, 2010


Last night I was playing at a club in downtown San Diego. The place is best described as sexy with a vampire feel to it. Since I have fangs, I feel right at home there.

I get placed on a stage that is over 5 feet off the ground. The back wall is all LED lights and when it is all lit up it is awesome! I play for the supper club. A two hour period where they have an incredible deal where you can get three items from the menu for $20. The menu is insanely good. I think they lure people in with their food so that the vampires can feed on the diners later on. Awesome!

I had a group of friends in last night making lots of noise which makes me a very happy entertainer. The two hour set went by way too fast. When it was done they began to get ready for the night time crowd and the DJ's. It was my time to exit.

But not before I got a chance to catch up with Kristen Renee. She is the lovely young lady that books me for these gigs. We talked about the fact that she is also a singer/songwriter. Long story short, she'll be playing with me on May 21st at Java Jones Coffeehouse. It shall be a fun night.

This is the original social network. Where people actually speak face to face and create opportunities for each other. I have fun being part of both types of the social networking realm- online and face to face. However, I have contemplated leaving the world of online networking because it can be a grind but ultimately, I think it is too beneficial to ditch all together.

Walking down 5th avenue in the Gaslamp is like walking through a lineup of the cities most beautiful people. And by beautiful, I'm not just speaking of the long legs and sleek bodies. I'm also talking about the people that are looking for food, money, work by claiming a corner early on and performing for the passersby. There is a haunting beauty in each of their stories as well as tragedy. The broad ends of the spectrum remind me of my life. The celebrity like times on stage where people want to get to know me, and the times I've been sitting on that corner where people want to avoid me. We're all the same in some fashion. It's the difference between a paycheck or two, and that's about it. Be thankful for what you've got.

And finally, home on the couch with my best lady. Quiet time together, the girls both asleep. Watching the Marriage Ref which turned out to be quite entertaining. Then a nice 2:30am wake up call by a cranky toddler.

I gave up on sleep, but not on hope. I gotta whole lotta love at home and I feel a lotta love from the people that see me perform.

I'm a lucky vampire

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Please Respond

You know me as a singer/songwriter and a stay at home dad. The Stay At Home Rock Star. But did you also know that I am a veteran of the United States Army Infantry? My MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was as a front line foot soldier. Qualified expert in most weapons, communications, basic medic functions. I volunteered right after the first Gulf War. I went in to be an Airborne Ranger. I was 18 years old.

I ended up serving my time in the MDW (Military District of Washington) area. I was a Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. I was honorably discharged from Active Duty in February of 96. I was fortunate to not have to serve in a combat environment. However, the reason I went in to serve my country was the opposite. To go to combat. Looking back now, I'm fortunate that I did not. I am proud of my service, I was available to get where ever they would send me. I was ready to fight and I was ready to die. I was also ready to kill.

For the first 15 weeks I was in a total immersion environment. Being programmed to think the way of the Infantry. To look out for the guy to the right and left of you. To be ready to give up my life for them. To be ready run into a hail of gunfire the life of a brother without the thought of my own safety. After the 15 weeks was the graduation.

And a completely different human being than anyone knew 15 weeks prior.

So why was it that, they would take the time to wire me into a lean mean killing machine but not take the time, 4 years later, to return me as an adjusted citizen, able to take on the tasks of civilian life. Where was the decompression? I have friends that I served with who could never quite cope with life back in the civilian world and turned to alcohol and ultimately took their own lives. There was nobody there for them. It's as if they were used up and spit out and forgotten.

Today, in a federal prison, sits a young man that served his country. As a US Marine. He served multiple tours in the Middle East, in intensely stressful combat situations. He experienced the horrors of combat and charged forward.

After returning to the states, the nation he served, the nation he wrote a check for in the amount of "up to and including his life", he experienced what numerous combat veterans experience. 50 years ago it was called Shell Shock. Today it's called PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Because of this experience this veteran committed a crime. And now he sits in federal prison.

Let me tell you why this doesn't sit well with me.

This man gave up the freedoms we enjoy every day to serve. He served honorably. But now the government just forgets about him? Here's what I would like each and every person to do.

Write your congress person. Tell them that you want to see implemented, immediately, a "decompression" program for those who serve our nation. There is a basic training coming in, there should be a basic training going out. It should be mandatory for all combat arms veterans and be done while in their last months of active duty service. It should be a program that helps these people adjust back to the civilian life they left behind. This time should be used to remove the edge from their psyche and reintroduce compassion that is devoid from combat training. And any of our service men that have experienced these problems and are now behind bars should be removed from these prisons immediately and sent to proper treatment facilities where a real rehabilitation process can occur.

I'm sending my letter now

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's My Story, I'm Stickin' To It

Every time you listen to one of my songs, you're listening to a piece of me. You're listening to an experience from my life. You're listening to my hopes, my dreams my anguish. Not just random words strung together for fun, with the exception of 3am Vampire. I haven't had a vampire proposition me at 3am... yet.

It is the soundtrack to my life. I have always hoped that the soundtrack to my life could find meaning in your life. Stories that you could relate to. Some of the stories IO hope you won't have to, like Dead Man Walkin' or House Ain't A Home. Other stories I hope can remind you of good times in your life, like We Got Love or I'm A Daddy and She Don't Know.

Being a songwriter, I am fortunate to have the many things in my life to inspire me. Being a Husband, a father, an artist, an athlete. Having compassion and a sense of humor and balancing the two. Sometimes it can be heard. Sometimes the humor can tip the scales on the compassion. Sometimes it's the other way around. All I know is this, we have to seize every moment, every opportunity to live. We are never guaranteed a tomorrow. Our only guarantee, really, is that fact that we are, in fact, at some point going to die.

Track 5 of We Got Love is called Best Start Livin'. I won't take for granted all the things that I've been given and we're all gonna die so we best start livin'
It's very true. Live it up. Laugh it up. Clap it up. Howl it up. Don't hold back and wonder what could've been. Make the moment happen and be present in the now.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Long Ago, In A Galaxy Far Away...

I don't know about you but those words were pure magic to me as a kid. And by "as a kid" I mean yesterday when I was watching it... again...

Today is May the 4th. Kinda sounds like May the force. Like May the Force be with you. On Twitter I saw something funny. It was my friend Scheff that had posted that today was Star Wars Day because of "May the Fourth Be With You". How awesome is that!

Now, I realize that he didn't make this up. But he is the first person I heard it from. So how can I claim to be such a Star Wars nerd if I didn't ever put that one together? Good question. Allow me to dodge it.

Few movies still give me hope like Star Wars. I hope I can get into the Starfleet Academy. I hope I can fly an X-wing fighter. I hope I can battle the Empire. I wanna play in the treehouses on Endor.

Do you think there are steroids on Endor. Like there's an Ewok gym where there are some massively buffed out Ewoks that have no sense of humor? Like, if you asked them "Hey Ewok, how's it going?". They'd just look at you and be all huge and in a monotone, Michael Clarke Duncan like voice say "Yub Yub".

I have free time sometimes. I don't always use it wisely. But lately I've been writing a a couple new songs- oh, by the way, I'm done talking about Star Wars- AND I'm writing a killer new screen play. It's not about a killer. I'm just excited about what it is. I envision a red carpet walk for this one. Be on the lookout.

Movies and Sich

I used to write screenplays. As in for movies. I wrote four. Never sold one. Never tried to sell them. I didn't know the first thing about trying to shop it around. That and constant inebriation prevented me from making anything of it. However, I recently found my screenwriting software.

I got an idea...

I'm currently writing a new screenplay. Let's just say I'm excited about it, so you should be as well.

Mothers Day is approaching. Sunday, May 9th is the big day. I'm excited to honor my mama and the mother of my children. I'm surrounded by awesome women. Women of substance. Women with a backbone and a sense of humor. To all the mothers out there, may your day be special and filled with loved ones!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Felt Like Harry Chapin

Growing up I remember my parents, one of the last things they did as a married couple, going to a Harry Chapin concert. I remember the t-shirts they bought. They had the half silhouette of a guitar and Harry's name on it.

Cats In The Cradle is a more popular tune by the late folk singer but the ones I remember most are the ones my dad would sing fervently in the car. The song about the mashed bananas called, 30,000 pounds of Bananas. Or A Better Place To Be. Or one of my very favorites, Mr. Tanner. A song about a man who finally gets a venue to perform the music he loves only to be panned by critics.

I saw a documentary on Harry Chapin once. It talked about him, even well into his fame, showing up at birthday parties to perform songs for kids and adults. Then going off to perform some larger concert venue. I always thought that was really cool. As a singer/songwriter, I dreamed of the day when I could do that. To be able to entertain people. To have people want me to entertain them as well.

Last night I was fortunate to play a dual birthday party. It was at a house in North Pacific Beach, a neighborhood in San Diego just a couple blocks from the Pacific. We set up on a jacuzzi deck and performed for an hour and a half for a wide range of people. Ages from early twenties to well into the sixties. It was an awesome group of partiers who had a great time dancing along to what we were playing.

Once we were done it was time to break down. I had to get to another part of town to close out a very special night for a friend of mine.

My friend, Tanya Susoev, was having her first public gallery displaying her photography that she had shot while travelling around the world. She had originally asked if I could play this event but I was already booked. But I said I would definitely be there for the last hour of the event. She has been such a big supporter of my music that I really wanted to give back to her in a supportive way as well. So introduced her to another singer/songwriter I knew who turned out to be a big hit! I knew I could count on Brian Bosen to do a good job.

When I arrived, Brian had taken a break from playing. I saw Tanya and a few other people I knew there and a bunch of people I did not. It was awesome to see all the people that came out to support her. I played the last half hour or so of the night, getting the ladies up, dancing to Two Nickels and a Dime, All I Have to Give and Bumper Stickers.

As I was leaving the venue, I thought to myself, Wow, this is what it must have been like to be Harry Chapin. To show up to places, share your stories in song and then off to wherever else. In my case, it was off to be with my best lady. But not before I was sent on an errand to get coffee creamer.

I felt like Harry Chapin, and the Stay At Home Rock Star. I am truly blessed

Thursday, April 29, 2010

the Day After part three

Can a 6 string be as effective as a 12 step program? That was the question. And why not just go in to a 12 step program.

There's a reason it's called a "support group". There will be people there to support you. But the idea of a support group, at that time, had a bad aura to me. Foolish pride can block beautiful relationships. Looking back, almost 9 years later, that the support group would've been awesome! I could've met new friends. Networked with like minded people. But no. Not Chad Cavanaugh. Because I'm too smart. (that was sarcasm)

I spent my days alone. Miserable. Me and this guitar. A friend, Mark Kuwik, had shown me the CAGED chords and some scales. I took it from there. Finding issues of Guitar World and Guitar World Acoustic that had tablature of songs I liked. I would see the name of the chord and get intimidated. But when I saw what the actual chord was I would breathe a sigh of relief at the fact that I didn't have to grow an extra finger or hand to play it.

I began writing numerous songs. Usually based in a G-C-D structure. I found that my need to have something in my hands, like a beer or cigarette, was becoming satisfied with this guitar. Slowly and painfully was the learning process. But as the callouses on my finger tips began to grow and harden, my skills began to slowly improve. Next thing I knew, it was 3 months and about two weeks. I didn't feel a need at all to drink or smoke. I had been studying to get my real estate license, get a career going (at the age of 28-better late than never) and had just taken the state exam. Now, all I had to do was wait until Tuesday to get the results online to see if I passed or not.

Up until this time, I was working in a sign shop with my cousin. He didn't really have work for me or much he could pay me. But he made room for me anyway. One of the great acts of kindness shown to me. In surfing terms, it was a great Aloha he had bestowed on me. To give even though he couldn't. He struggled with his own bills but willingly brought me in to help me. How do you repay such unconditional generosity? I was wholly appreciative of this, but knew that I wanted to do more. Hence, the real estate. It could be a pathway to stability. My own home. Become my own island so to speak. So I was rally anxious to get started in Real Estate, and Tuesday was a day I had been waiting for for months. My patience with my situation had long since expired. I was ready to be on my own, cultivate relationships and start a life. But It all depended on Tuesday. Tuesday was the end to months and months of waiting to start a new life...

Tuesday was a day that began with the phone ringing earlier than would be deemed considerate. I didn't answer it. I remember thinking to myself, "I have no love for a phone call this early". It stopped ringing. A minute later, rang again. I heard my cousin go out of his room and answer the phone. I couldn't hear the words being said. I just remember the hurried footsteps towards my door. A rapping at the door.

"Dude, you gotta get out here and see this!" there was panic in his voice. My first thought was that a coyote had gotten a hold of the cat and I was going to have to clean up the mess. Then he said "they flew into the twin towers".

This Tuesday was September 11, 2001.

We sat all day, as the rest of the nation did, fixated to the horrible images on the screen. It had been 3 and a half months. I wanted a cigarette...

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Have An Idea

It is all based on this one question...

When professional athletes get fined for being idiots or big mouthed (coaches as well) where does that money go?

Recently the Center for the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard, was fined $35,000 USD for his comments he made about officials on his blog. Where does that money go? That could be a teachers salary!

I think that the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL and MLS should get together and put all monies derived from player and coach fines in an escrow account. There should be a way for communities on down to individuals to qualify for this money. It wouldn't be a loan, either. It would be a write off for the perspective league and benefit someone in need. It wouldn't be a lottery.

Not everyone could win.

Joe Moneybags (pretty sure not a real person) couldn't get his hands on it. But Jane Teacher or Jim Guidance Counselor could (pretty sure they aren't real people, but you get my drift). Or have it go to a wounded warrior fund or to take care of the families who have lost a mother or father(household provider) to the call of duty, whether it be domestic or abroad. Or to create more parks/recreational facilities kids could use after school/during the Summer break.

Does this already exist? Am I a day late and a dollar short? Does anyone disagree with this idea? How can we make this happen?

My name is Chad Cavanaugh. Singer/songwriter/Stay at home Dad. And I have an idea...

In the meantime- please download my new album:

thank you! Love you, miss you!

the Day After part two

So I've just woken up in a strange place and don't recognize myself. It's May 27, 2001. What I'm about to discover is not something anyone ever wants to find out.

I'm the problem.

How did this happen? I thought I was the funny one. The witty one. The charming one. You mean to tell me that people weren't laughing with me, they were laughing at me? You mean to tell me that I was the a**hole? You mean to tell me that I was the bad guy?

Continued failed relationships, numerous jobs that couldn't be held, strained family and friend relationships. A trail of left behind belongings strewn about the country. Parted with a coyote will chew its leg off when caught in a trap. How did life come to this.

28 years old, overweight, no job, no home to call my own and I don't know where I stand with some of the most important people in my family. Where to begin the road to recovery? My brother suggested seeking AA. That was, at the time and in mi=y mind, beneath me. I was still in denial. How funny, I just realize I have a problem and instead of going to where there would be a community of supportive people, I shun the idea. So I've realized there is a problem but I'm not smart enough to fix it.

The one photo on my sisters fridge of me was me holding a beer, eyes red. That's what my niece would see. Not her Uncle but her Druncle. A 6'5" 240 pound mass of uncontrollable drinking and smoking that knew no moderation. The complete opposite of what I had become in the US Army. This realization of degradation was embarrassing. There was a long road ahead of me to right the wrongs and set a course to something worthwhile.

A Takamine G-230 sat within arms length. A gift a month before from my sister. 6 strings. Could they be as effective as 12 steps?

to be continued...

Soundtrack To My Day

They say you should love the things that love you back. I'm gonna give some love right now!

Howard Stump is a music fan. If you ever wanna find out about new artists that haven't hit big yet, he probably has the inside scoop on it. Between him and his friend, Bounmy Sayasane, they got a tight grip on this subject. I mention these two because I have recently been fortunate to "meet" them via Twitter/Facebook. Before I knew it, they both had my album, the CoffeehousE RebellioN, and were constantly promoting it over the social network airwaves. That is a dream come true for an independent artist like myself. To have two complete strangers ,with no solicitation from me, promote what I do because they like it so much. For that I am eternally grateful.

So I wanna talk about an award wining blog site. It's called the Soundtrack To My Day ( The author is Howard Stump, @hrstump on Twitter (Follow him). He was awarded the 2010 Best Blog About Music award ( the Bloggies) and loves to share the music he loves from his youth up until now.

Today, my new album, We Got Love, received another unsolicited review. The first was for the CoffeehousE RebellioN. I gotta say I am honored by the words used to express how he feels about my music. It is very rewarding as most reviews come only after you submit your music to a specific periodical. Usually given to someone you may already know. You're never guaranteed anything you wanna hear as it pertains to the review. You can only hope they are feeling what you're putting on wax, so to speak.

So, to Howard, I say a big thank you. I appreciate your support of what I do and the fact that you consistently promote me along with the other musicians you promote. I am truly honored and touched by this!

Let me also acknowledge some other people by their twitter names that are huge supporters and worthy Follows.
@bsayasane, @shemarrs, @caspeta, @janeasher, @unsignedsunday

Thank you all.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Day After part one

I remember the days when this particular day, April 27th, was spent in bed until about 4 or 5pm with a massive hangover. Wishing for someone, anyone just to bring some water. Looking for the cat that took a cr*p in my mouth. Swearing up and down that I will never drink or smoke again. Wondering who is operating the jackhammer inside my head.

Man am I glad those days are gone. Here it is, April 27th, and I feel better than ever. I'm getting older AND better. And to think I figured I'd be dead by now. Not kidding. The path of destruction was, to me, a fun and glorious path. It was a path that was more so one that was, in reality, running from responsibility and accountability. But I justified it by some stupid high reasoning like, I'm cool and everyone else is wrong. Or whatever I had done was not my fault. Everyone else is wrong because I'm too cool to be wrong. Does this sound familiar? Do you feel this way or know someone who does?

Then the ultimate day in my life came-May 27th, 2001. I woke up in an unfamiliar room, with an unfamiliar person and did not recognize myself. At that moment I had an epiphany, a moment of clarity, whatever you call it.

I was the problem. I was the wrong one. I was the a**hole.

This did not sit well...

to be continued

Monday, April 26, 2010

Truly Blessed

What a day. It ain't even over. It's been a bit overwhelming, though. I've been getting a lot of love all day as it is my birthday .I'm truly blessed with hundreds of people that have been very thoughtful toward me. People from my childhood, my high school days, my army days, my bar tending days, my college days, my multiple odd job days and my music days. Along with lots of family, I am truly blessed.

Got an awesome gig booked for June which will require out of state travel. getting lots of radio play and I have a new album available online at Go on and download it, because that is what it is there for. For you to download and to listen to. Because I love having people sing along to my songs at shows.

We went to Sushi Deli 2 today. it was awesome. Chicken teriyaki, shrimp tempura and on and on. AWESOME! I recommend it! It was lunch special C.

You wanna know what else is really cool? Our zoo. The San Diego Zoo is an incredible world that transports you to the different regions of the world. It's like going from the Amazon to the rain forests of the Congo. From the Chinese mountain ranges to the Serengeti in Africa and from the North American plains to the Polar wilderness of the North and in between. Soaring Aviaries, elaborate enclosures and a topography that is constantly moving up and down. I have fallen in love with this place and its denizens. Memba, the Silverback, and Frank, the baby Gorilla are a favorite of mine. The African Lions up in the Elephant Odyssey can make your skin crawl when they start roaring. A roar that can be heard throughout the park. The Siamangs that share their habitat with the Urangutans are incredibly entertaining gymnasts and the baby Bactrian camel born March 8th is as adorable as it's papa is drooly. Watching the elephants get their mani/pedis up close is a treat as well. If you can catch the polar bears as they plunge it is a wonder to behold.

Here's a little hint from someone who goes weekly- from the Skyfari you get a great view into the Panda enclosure, the Gorilla enclosure and to the Komodo Dragon.

You're welcome...