Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day In The Life Of the Stay At Home Rock Star

There is nothing more fulfilling then sniffing out a bogus lie from someone who has worked hard on their "sincerity". Pleading for sympathy for knowingly committing a crime by making themselves out to be the victim. I don't have a lot of sympathy.

I'm waiting for my point of contact to get me into a parking garage downtown yesterday. I was brought down to perform during a wine tasting event at a downtown community and the buildings have secure, underground parking. As I'm waiting, a woman with her small child comes walking quickly out of the garage on her phone. She looks distraught. At first I surmise that someone who she is to be meeting is running late. Then I realize it must be worse.

MY POC gets in the car with me and we roll down our window to ask the woman what is going on. She says that there is a man sitting in her car down in the garage! She happened upon him, inside the "secured" garage, while holding her child! We park my car in my assigned spot and I quickly run back to her, asking where her car is located. She points me in the direction and says her husband is down there and that she is scared because she thinks this guy may be with more people. I sprint down the ramp and find the car.

Sure enough, a man is sitting in the passenger seat. The owner of the car is speaking to him from the back seat door on the drivers side. As I get there I notice a backpack on the ground. The owner of the car says to me that the guy claimed to be homeless and hungry... So I ask him what's in his backpack, he hands me a small satchel. Saying his passport was stolen, he's here from France and he is hungry. I ask him how he got into the garage. He said the garage door was open. About that time, the cops arrived and took him. He's in jail, his French accent probably doesn't exist anymore...

In my years living downtown, I was aware of numerous break ins in downtown garages. Groups of thieves would steal the "fobs", the garage remotes, and go into the garages and search for unlocked cars. This occurred all the time. This so called "homeless" guys story was so full of bs. If you live in or are visiting downtown and parking in a "secured" underground garage, make sure you lock your doors. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOORS! These criminals are lazy, that's why they steal. If you leave your doors unlocked, they will get into your car.

So after the adrenalin rush wore off, I went upstairs and played a fun wine tasting event. The community was a group of awesome people, neighbors and friends, that put together a really cool event. It wasn't all thirty somethings, either. The ages ranged from early 20's to the 60's. They all mingled well. It was very cool.

Moving along, last night-or very early this morning, I should say-I received multiple phone calls within a 15 minute period from an unfamiliar number. When I get woken up I don't go back to sleep. I texted this number to ask who the hell was calling me at this hour??? They responded with "Cynthia?". I wrote back that they have the wrong number. They responded with "Wild" then "woodys?" then "Phil bar fight".

Feel free to call (619)942-6277 around 2 in the morning and then text them inane bullshit. Drunk dialing a wrong number is garbage. Thinking it's funny is even a larger heap of garbage then dialing the wrong number. What would be funny is if people would return the favor. It probably wouldn't be so funny to this person. They'd probably take exception to it. They should rethink their life.

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