Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Felt Like Harry Chapin

Growing up I remember my parents, one of the last things they did as a married couple, going to a Harry Chapin concert. I remember the t-shirts they bought. They had the half silhouette of a guitar and Harry's name on it.

Cats In The Cradle is a more popular tune by the late folk singer but the ones I remember most are the ones my dad would sing fervently in the car. The song about the mashed bananas called, 30,000 pounds of Bananas. Or A Better Place To Be. Or one of my very favorites, Mr. Tanner. A song about a man who finally gets a venue to perform the music he loves only to be panned by critics.

I saw a documentary on Harry Chapin once. It talked about him, even well into his fame, showing up at birthday parties to perform songs for kids and adults. Then going off to perform some larger concert venue. I always thought that was really cool. As a singer/songwriter, I dreamed of the day when I could do that. To be able to entertain people. To have people want me to entertain them as well.

Last night I was fortunate to play a dual birthday party. It was at a house in North Pacific Beach, a neighborhood in San Diego just a couple blocks from the Pacific. We set up on a jacuzzi deck and performed for an hour and a half for a wide range of people. Ages from early twenties to well into the sixties. It was an awesome group of partiers who had a great time dancing along to what we were playing.

Once we were done it was time to break down. I had to get to another part of town to close out a very special night for a friend of mine.

My friend, Tanya Susoev, was having her first public gallery displaying her photography that she had shot while travelling around the world. She had originally asked if I could play this event but I was already booked. But I said I would definitely be there for the last hour of the event. She has been such a big supporter of my music that I really wanted to give back to her in a supportive way as well. So introduced her to another singer/songwriter I knew who turned out to be a big hit! I knew I could count on Brian Bosen to do a good job.

When I arrived, Brian had taken a break from playing. I saw Tanya and a few other people I knew there and a bunch of people I did not. It was awesome to see all the people that came out to support her. I played the last half hour or so of the night, getting the ladies up, dancing to Two Nickels and a Dime, All I Have to Give and Bumper Stickers.

As I was leaving the venue, I thought to myself, Wow, this is what it must have been like to be Harry Chapin. To show up to places, share your stories in song and then off to wherever else. In my case, it was off to be with my best lady. But not before I was sent on an errand to get coffee creamer.

I felt like Harry Chapin, and the Stay At Home Rock Star. I am truly blessed

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