Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Long Ago, In A Galaxy Far Away...

I don't know about you but those words were pure magic to me as a kid. And by "as a kid" I mean yesterday when I was watching it... again...

Today is May the 4th. Kinda sounds like May the force. Like May the Force be with you. On Twitter I saw something funny. It was my friend Scheff that had posted that today was Star Wars Day because of "May the Fourth Be With You". How awesome is that!

Now, I realize that he didn't make this up. But he is the first person I heard it from. So how can I claim to be such a Star Wars nerd if I didn't ever put that one together? Good question. Allow me to dodge it.

Few movies still give me hope like Star Wars. I hope I can get into the Starfleet Academy. I hope I can fly an X-wing fighter. I hope I can battle the Empire. I wanna play in the treehouses on Endor.

Do you think there are steroids on Endor. Like there's an Ewok gym where there are some massively buffed out Ewoks that have no sense of humor? Like, if you asked them "Hey Ewok, how's it going?". They'd just look at you and be all huge and in a monotone, Michael Clarke Duncan like voice say "Yub Yub".

I have free time sometimes. I don't always use it wisely. But lately I've been writing a a couple new songs- oh, by the way, I'm done talking about Star Wars- AND I'm writing a killer new screen play. It's not about a killer. I'm just excited about what it is. I envision a red carpet walk for this one. Be on the lookout.

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