Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tattoos are awesome. I love them. I have 9, currently, and can't wait for more. But I've noticed an evolution in tattoos over the decades...

Years ago, tattoos were pretty much only found on bikers, inmates, sailors and whores. They weren't a mainstream thing, mothers and daughters didn't get them together for their birthdays and athletes didn't have them.

Then, in the 90's, they became something people were getting more often. You'd see a guy in a suit next to a guy in a golfing outfit next to a biker in the lounge of a tattoo parlor. The big thing in the early to mid 90's was to get the tribal work done. Usually an arm band or something down the back. For the ladies, the tramp stamp started to make its presence felt. And Dennis Rodman happened, also.

Let's talk about the tramp stamp for a minute. It became known as the tramp stamp for a reason. It was a tattoo on the lower, or small, of the back. In the late 90's, if you were at a club talking to a woman, and she showed you her tramp stamp. You were pretty much guaranteed to take her home and do what you want with her. Not really the case anymore. Now, the lower back tattoo is present on all types of women.

The tribal arm band, or any armband in general was a tattoo that guys got to because it was thought to be tough. Like barbed wire around the bicep. Nothing said, I should be the captain of the football team like the barbed wire tattoo around the bicep. Not so much anymore. You don't see a lot of guys coming out with armbands anymore. Now, it's the sleeve on the forearm or upper arm or the entire arm.

So tattoos pretty much were reserved for the arms and upper backs on guys and lower back, hip and ankles of girls. Not so much anymore...

The bar continues to be raised. The Sailor Jerry style is in full effect(there is even a rum available called Sailor Jerry) and guys and girls both are getting full neck tattoos along with tattoos on the face. Hands and fingers have found their way into the mix as well. No part of the body outside of the bathing suit area (think speedo) is off limits. Even the insides of the mouth. Even athletes are fully engulfed in ink.

What does this mean? It means the body is a canvas and tattooing is an incredible art. It isn't even permanent anymore. With laser removal or cover up work. Can't wait for my next one.

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  1. There was a time I considered it, but I decided against it, and am a bit grateful now. My canvas might be blank, but as gravity takes its toll, and certain patches of skin are closer to the ground than ever, I think I'll stay blank... LOL