Thursday, May 27, 2010

No Next Times

Nine years ago woke up and didn't know where I was. Didn't know who I was with. Didn't recognize myself in the mirror. It was then and there that I realized I was going to die soon if I didn't change something about me.

This morning, nine years later, I woke up in my bed, with my wife and my youngest daughter in our home. Like every morning, I thank God that I'm alive. I'm grateful to have two healthy children, a loving, beautiful wife and a second chance to live.

I don't dwell on the whatifs anymore. They had their chance and lost. Instead, I look forward. To birthdays, holidays, weekends, Mondays, 2:45pm, car rides to the store, times on the stage at my shows, hearing my songs on the radio.

Not bad for a guy that should be dead. So I make the most of this second chance. I make the most of this time. I tell people I love them, and mean it. I wouldn't want something to happen and never have taken the opportunity to express how I really feel. There aren't any guaranteed next times. I'm not afraid of people think of me. My wife and kids think I'm pretty cool. That's all that matters.

Three years ago today an incredible woman took me as her husband. I am a lucky man. I am a blessed man. I know this. I love this. I love you!

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