Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kullers, Colours, Colors

When my parents were growing up, there was no color. Everything was in black and white. What??? Are you an idiot? (you ask yourself) Nope! I have proof! Go watch Nick at Nite. The Honeymooners, Leave It To Beaver... must I go on? They lived in a world where "Shucks" was a curse word. Everybody tucked their shirts in, kids wore their hats correctly and lawns were all neatly manicured. Boys asked girls to the sock hop and shared a soda or a malt (because they tasted different back then and were good for building strong bodies and minds. On occasion, kids from a different school, and you knew they were from a different school because of their Letter Jackets, would show up and a rumble may occur or a race down a wide and unused street would settle a score. People would find out about it days after by word of mouth or telegram.

However, when I was growing up, everything had a kind of washed out sepia tone to it. Kids hair was getting longer. We wore our hats backwards kept our shirts untucked and rode skateboards. We crashed hotel parties after the prom and snuck out of our houses, taking our parents cars. We'd meet up in fast food parking lots and get in gang fights. You knew who your friends were by the colors they wore. And we could reach those friends by pager or phone.

So what are my daughters gonna do? Obviously, they live in an HD, 3D Liquid Crystal Display world that can be paused at anytime. Thousands of opportunities at their fingertips. Will they choose the boy they like because of how cool his hovercar is? Will they only date boys whose parents have time shares on the moon? Will they congregate with their friends at WiFi cafes, synchronizing their handhelds and DMing each other because "talking is soooo 2005". It's a crazy fast hi tech world we're in and it's only getting crazier. My girls don't know what a cassette tape is. My dad had to tell me about the phonograph.

What will our kids teach us about? From black and white to super 3 dimensional high definition liquid crystal display, one thing remains constant.

We all have to do stupid homework...

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