Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm asked all the time to describe my music to people I meet for the first time that haven't heard me yet. Usually, they're looking to pigeon hole me into a style or genre. I've looked at all the genre's and don't know that I actually fit entirely into any of them.

A little rock, a little acoustic, a little blues, a little reggae, a little ska, a little hip hop and some folk. I don't really know what Indie means but you can throw that in as well.

So I've decided to take matters in to my own hands and create a genre that best typifies what I do. I call it Street Level. On the Street Level of life, you find truth, you find grit, you find some dirt and trash. You see graffiti and you see hardship. The gravity of life culminates on the street level. As opposed to the Penthouse level of life. The place where economic conditions don't matter. A place where fast food is something your chef whips up in 30 minutes instead of an hour.

No, street level is the level of the people. It can be ugly sometimes but it never lies and you will always find a time in your life that you can relate to it.

Street Level, the genre, is the best way to describe my music. The front porch story tellers and the street corner prophets. The barber shop big mouths and the fly on the wall. I tell stories about life that make you laugh and make you cry. Make you feel the pain of loss and the joy of birth. It's real life brought to your ears over a simple chord arrangement that you'll hear on the street.

Street Level... it's what you hear when you listen to me.

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