Thursday, May 20, 2010


I find it funny that fast food restaurants have websites with nutritional information. Why? I half expect to type in the web address and have a single page pop up with nothing but the word "none" positioned prominently in the middle of it. A Times New Roman font with a letter size of 36 so that nobody misses it.

First of all, who is going to a fast food place for nutrition? Really? Here's a hint. If you order food through a speaker, and your food is shoved at you through a hole in the wall in a paper bag, there is no nutrition. NONE. Don't try to justify it by saying, "It has lettuce and tomato" or "I ordered the salad" or "I got a diet Coke".

The "vegetables" that come on fast food are fairly suspect. The salads seem as real as a McRib and Diet Coke isn't going to offset three double cheeseburgers.

Let's face it, this sh** is just tasty and addictive.

I get fries at Golden Arches. Because they friggin' taste good. I get double cheeseburgers because I'm a carnivore and I love that stuff. Throw bacon on it and we'll be new best friends.

Subway makes me questions the choices I make in life i.e. the time I spend standing in line watching gloved hands handle this supposed good for me food. I can't get that time back!

I guess it's true that we don't always love the things that try to love us...

Having a nutritional website for fast food is like the BS premise of being "earth friendly". Stop pretending like you can save the earth. You can't. It doesn't need you. It heals itself. Start speaking in truths such as : Let's preserve ourselves! Let's find a way to help us live longer here. We as humans need these resources, not Earth. They are Earth. They're fine. The only thing we need to sustain is our ability to thrive. You'd get a lot more people to act in an "earth friendly" way if you labeled it differently. Ask them to behave in a "Save your OWN ass" way. Watch how many people start recycling after that.

Last question about this. Why is it that things that are "green", "organic" and/or "sustainable" cost so much green? I'd have to sell one of my organ(ic)'s to get enough green to sustain my family. I call bullsh*t on the whole thing.

Oh yeah, try to sell global warming to the people that live in the heart of this country, suffering through -30 degree temperatures. Hot enough for ya?

Take it all with a grain of salt. Don't get involved with cock fighting and love the people around you... or at least try.

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