Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's My Story, I'm Stickin' To It

Every time you listen to one of my songs, you're listening to a piece of me. You're listening to an experience from my life. You're listening to my hopes, my dreams my anguish. Not just random words strung together for fun, with the exception of 3am Vampire. I haven't had a vampire proposition me at 3am... yet.

It is the soundtrack to my life. I have always hoped that the soundtrack to my life could find meaning in your life. Stories that you could relate to. Some of the stories IO hope you won't have to, like Dead Man Walkin' or House Ain't A Home. Other stories I hope can remind you of good times in your life, like We Got Love or I'm A Daddy and She Don't Know.

Being a songwriter, I am fortunate to have the many things in my life to inspire me. Being a Husband, a father, an artist, an athlete. Having compassion and a sense of humor and balancing the two. Sometimes it can be heard. Sometimes the humor can tip the scales on the compassion. Sometimes it's the other way around. All I know is this, we have to seize every moment, every opportunity to live. We are never guaranteed a tomorrow. Our only guarantee, really, is that fact that we are, in fact, at some point going to die.

Track 5 of We Got Love is called Best Start Livin'. I won't take for granted all the things that I've been given and we're all gonna die so we best start livin'
It's very true. Live it up. Laugh it up. Clap it up. Howl it up. Don't hold back and wonder what could've been. Make the moment happen and be present in the now.

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