Friday, May 7, 2010


Last night I was playing at a club in downtown San Diego. The place is best described as sexy with a vampire feel to it. Since I have fangs, I feel right at home there.

I get placed on a stage that is over 5 feet off the ground. The back wall is all LED lights and when it is all lit up it is awesome! I play for the supper club. A two hour period where they have an incredible deal where you can get three items from the menu for $20. The menu is insanely good. I think they lure people in with their food so that the vampires can feed on the diners later on. Awesome!

I had a group of friends in last night making lots of noise which makes me a very happy entertainer. The two hour set went by way too fast. When it was done they began to get ready for the night time crowd and the DJ's. It was my time to exit.

But not before I got a chance to catch up with Kristen Renee. She is the lovely young lady that books me for these gigs. We talked about the fact that she is also a singer/songwriter. Long story short, she'll be playing with me on May 21st at Java Jones Coffeehouse. It shall be a fun night.

This is the original social network. Where people actually speak face to face and create opportunities for each other. I have fun being part of both types of the social networking realm- online and face to face. However, I have contemplated leaving the world of online networking because it can be a grind but ultimately, I think it is too beneficial to ditch all together.

Walking down 5th avenue in the Gaslamp is like walking through a lineup of the cities most beautiful people. And by beautiful, I'm not just speaking of the long legs and sleek bodies. I'm also talking about the people that are looking for food, money, work by claiming a corner early on and performing for the passersby. There is a haunting beauty in each of their stories as well as tragedy. The broad ends of the spectrum remind me of my life. The celebrity like times on stage where people want to get to know me, and the times I've been sitting on that corner where people want to avoid me. We're all the same in some fashion. It's the difference between a paycheck or two, and that's about it. Be thankful for what you've got.

And finally, home on the couch with my best lady. Quiet time together, the girls both asleep. Watching the Marriage Ref which turned out to be quite entertaining. Then a nice 2:30am wake up call by a cranky toddler.

I gave up on sleep, but not on hope. I gotta whole lotta love at home and I feel a lotta love from the people that see me perform.

I'm a lucky vampire

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