Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stay At Home Alone II

So here I find myself, Saturday morning, house to myself. What do I do? Well, so far the bathroom is cleaned, laundry is half done, the baby's room is straightened up and the dishes are done. This is the second time in years that I've had this situation. I say in years but I should also mention that the last time this occurred was a couple months ago. Last time I had designs of getting songs written. Instead, A movie marathon occurred. It was awesome.

However, today, a couple songs are already in the works and I am hoping to get to more of the new movie. Due to back to back to back performances, I haven't had writing time at night. That wasn't a complaint.

Home Alone with the Stay At Home Rock Star. You best believe I'll say that it was a party. So really it's up to the reader to define exactly what a party is.

And it's only a half day alone, I'll be playing the happy hour at Hennessey's Gaslamp downtown from 5-7pm so there will be some adult interaction. Come by and interact with me

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