Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Every time I see the term "OpEd" I just think someone spelled "open" wrong. Anyway, talking earlier about the comments people leave on the newspapers online page in regards to specific articles. What happened to these people to become so blatantly hateful? It's like they hid in a closet, with all this pent up fury, waiting for Al Gore to invent the Internet so they could anonymously be tough. As one Twitter/Facebook friend said, "I'm all for snark, but this is just hate", He, like myself, uses his real name. Not trying to hide behind anything. You gotta appreciate a person like Mike in this day and age of people trying to hide within the anonymous confines of the web. He is the writer of the Owl and Bear: A San Diego Music Blog.

I like expressing my opinion. I like to come across as funny a lot of the time. It's my inner need to be a stand up comedian. I have a lot of love for those guys and gals that get up there and bare themselves to a sometimes stoic audience. Check out Christian Spicer, Rajan Dharni, Mal Hall and recent winner of the Rockstar Energy Drink Comedy throwdown, Zoltan. All funny individuals. I was thinking about the art of stand up the other day and how it parallels with music. Both require the ability to tell a story. Both require a sense of timing, meter, cadence and rhythm. And both require a fearless sense of "Hey, F**k it!". Because whatever you put out there, it has to be done without apology or regret. Otherwise, nobody will buy into it. Will you offend some? Sure. Will you lose some audience? Sure. But they weren't your audience to begin with. It goes the same with music. Gotta write and play what you know and feel or it comes across as fake and lacks a genuine quality people identify with.

All I know is, in America, when a guy wants to leave his family, he says he's going out for milk. In Chile, they say they're going to work in the mines... for 70 days... and hope the mistress disappears, I guess.

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  1. Very nice. Well said.
    (point of order. Owl and Bear isn't MY blog at all. They're some cool cats who let me write there sometimes.)