Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home Concert

Last night I played a house concert. Except it wasn't in a house. It was in a driveway in a military housing community. A drive way concert. There were a lot of military wives and a lot of kids. The husbands were deployed, serving our nation,. Preserving our freedom. Ensuring people like me that I'll be able to continue singing and writing and speaking my mind. Sometimes my opinion may not be to their liking but they're making a sacrifice for that anyway.

The sacrifice and commitment go both ways. These women, holding down the fort and keeping the home fires lit, were inspiring as well. These are the other halves. These are the backbone of the family units. They raise the kids, they endure sleepless nights. They don't always know when they'll get to speak to their loved one, so far away. They also have a hard job. They are Wife, Mother, cook, chauffeur, teacher, doctor, event coordinator, story reader, diaper changer, comforter and disperser of bad dreams.

To see the commitment within these ladies was humbling. I'm away from my wife for a day and it sucks. I couldn't imagine the long deployments and the loneliness that would ensue. That kind of commitment and love is what inspires the greatest songs, the most memorable movies. I was lucky to be able to entertain them for a couple hours. I am thankful to the men and women in our armed forces. I'm also thankful to the spouses that hold it down on this end as well. You are all inspiring and I commend you, and thank you!

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