Friday, December 24, 2010

11 years later

I went to see the Matrix in the theater over 11 years ago. It was ground breaking. Remember? Trinity jumped up, stopped, and the camera panned around her. Neo dodged bullets by doing the limbo on top of a building and he was finally able to see everything in lines of code.

All mind blowing

Within months, each of the Wayans Bros made a spoof with the stop panning motion shots. Those movies sucked just like the other abortions they make. Music videos used the graphic stylings of the Matrix, every computer geek had the trickle down green code as their screen saver. Probably thinking it would get them laid when they finally lured a stripper over to their house. Pretty sure both never happened.

The gigantic leap of faith that Neo took in taking the red pill over the blue is completely insane, with hindsight. This was still around the time that roofies were fairly new. So it wasn't weird for that time. But in watching it now, I can't help but imagine the newspaper article that would've been written a few days after Neo, nee Tom Anderson, took the blue pill. Given to him by a strange man in a dirty old Victorian house (neither should be red flags, right?) It would've read something like this.

"A body was discovered today, believed to be that of missing software developer Tom Anderson. No suspects are yet in custody but eye witnesses said they saw him leaving a rave, with a strange woman clad in a leather body suit that is known to associate with a man that goes by only "Morpheus". Further research into this "Morpheus" has revealed an address that leads to an old Victorian house that neighbors described as abandoned, apart from the 1950's Dodge Dart that is occasionally parked outside, and the quasi gang of leather clad goth/emo kids who sneak in there at night. It is suspected that this house may be a factory for a new drug known as Roofies, or "date rape" drug. Police say they are treating Morpheus as a suspect. We'll be following this story"

I still like this movie, unfortunately, nobody involved with it still has a career, except for Elrond of Rivendell aka Agent Smith aka V for Vendetta. He is this generations Han Solo/Harrison Ford of the Star Wars trilogy episodes 4-6.

The following movies were entertaining, even as you watched them jump over a pool full of sharks. Now, to wait for the VH1 episode of "Where Are They Now: the Matrix Cast"

PS, those sunglasses with no ear holders never took off. Sorry...

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