Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not Everything Sucks

I've noticed a lot of hating going on in the social networking universe. Whether it be people hating on movies, music, restaurants or other people. Or maybe I just follow/am friends with a bunch of Hipsters. Because, really, nothing makes YOU look more awesome then tearing others down to detract people from your short comings. We all know that.

So I've come up with a list of things that I really like that I notice people hating on.
1) The new Clash of the Titans movie: When it came out, all I heard was how disappointing it was and that it fell short of the original movie. Nope, it's one of my new favorites. I've watched it ten times since last Tuesday because it is that awesome and that much fun to watch.
2) the San Diego Music Awards: I have friends that are nominated, I am NOT nominated. I couldn't be happier for them. Good luck to them all. They should all be pleased to just be nominated. I hope they have fun at the event. I am not an awards show person. I don't care for them. I understand they have a purpose in society. It's not my type of competitiveness but I know my friends are in to it so "Hell Yeah!" to all of you.
3)US Soccer: In the US it is easy to make fun of this sport. It doesn't produce much of a score, they allow ties and nobody is dunking over anybody else. It hasn't fulfilled an "appeal" to the masses yet. But! Soccer was my first love. It is an awesome sport to play. It can be hard to watch but I am pleased with the advancements in US Soccer. We aren't up to the worlds standards yet on the men's side but could very possibly be. As long as we have 11 players on the pitch that believe it, that's all that matters. Our women's team is awesome. Way to go, ladies!
4) Country Music: How often do you hear "I like anything but Country"? I hear it a lot. Country is a fun genre of music. It is story telling, boot scootin' (which means dancing) It's girls in tight jeans with thighs that could strangle a bull and music that shows American pride. I grew up on it, learned how to 2 step with my mother in the living room while it played from a phonograph (that is not a joke) and it invokes a spirit of hard work, family and country that I also cite for my reasons to serve this great nation. I like both kinds- Country AND Western.
5) Faith: It's popular to make fun of people of faith. It's really easy, too. Lot's of people call it a crutch, something to lean on for weak and stupid people. Also, there are people that spew hate and misguided agenda under the banner of their faiths. Whether it be the Taliban(Islamic Faith) Westboro Baptist Church (Baptist) Priests molesting young boys (Catholic Faith) or people protesting abortion clinics, fearing gay marriage and burning Korans (Christian Faith) the actions of these peoples in no way reflects the true nature of the faith they "Claim". Let me not forget the "bullhorn guy" that only serves to annoy everyone. I have a good grasp on my faith and what it means. It's not too hard for me to define "Unconditional love" and "All inclusive love". I know it's real and it makes me happy to have it in my life. I voted no on Prop 8, I don't push my agenda on others, I don't blow people up and I have love for all people. People that don't subscribe to any faith at all are exercising their rights. I fully respect their decisions to live their lives the way they want.
6) Being American: A lot of people around the world wanna hate on Americans. A lot of Americans that I have known also subscribe to this belief that being American is embarrassing and it's mostly based on a political tie. Guess what, I love being American. I come to tears about every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner. I love where we live and the diversity it has. I love the opportunity, changing landscapes and people of all walks that have come together to make it what it is.

There you have it. Me being positive about stuff.

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