Saturday, July 31, 2010


Do you think farmers play Farmville? Probably not, since they gotta get up early and maintain a FARM!

However, I can see Mafiosos playing mafia wars. During the down time when they're waiting outside a guys house that they gotta whack. Or when they're hanging out at the docks in the early hours of the morning waiting for deliveries of mafia stuff. Like hair gel and cheap suits. They keep missing out on the shipments of diction, though it seems.

Does anyone else think it's fishy that the "organic" industry sells stuff for real expensive that doesn't keep for more than a couple days, forcing you to buy MORE organic stuff?!?!?! It's a racket, I tell you. Preservatives preserve! How did you miss that concept? Oh, because you don't sell as much product as frequently if it keeps. I got it now. Okay then, good talk.

I've made fun of vegan stuff before, and then I ate a vegan "candy" bar called a Trio. I found out I have some vegan in me.

I saw the new Clash of the Titans and loved it! What a fun movie that was. It wasn't really anything like the original, which I'm assuming made so many people say they hated it. The original was made out of Play Doh. The new one was made out of CGI. They're both awesome. Different stories altogether but a lot of fun. Talk about making it your own.
A lot of times people will cover a song and play it exactly as the original. Others will "make it their own" and put their own spin on it. Either way you do it you'll have haters and you'll have fans. I guess you just gotta do it the way you're happiest doing it (that's what she said)

If you haven't guessed by now, I've been sick and my head is a bit foggy so I dart around. It can make a fun drinking game-"Guess Chad's Next Topic".

When snot comes out and looks like guacamole, you may have a problem.

Ya know what is fun?(not really) Having an itch in your throat that let's you cough all night. Sweetness! What's better is when you finally get to sleep by 2am and your baby wakes up at 4am. SCORE!

I really want to get more tattoo's done.

You know that moment between sleep and consciousness? that fuzzy, warm time? I think THAT is reality. The rest is just expectation, disappointment, happy, sad, work, frustration and energy expulsion broken up by naked time and the occasional cheese cake. Well, maybe not, there's also the times when you see a little person grow and become part you and part them and part clinically insane person. I just try to laugh through it all and look forward to Cheetos.

I have over 400 DVD's and their alphabetized

I wear size 13 shoes in some brands and 12's in others. How is their no standard in the shoe industry? If we can't get cooperation their, how can we expect to achieve world peace?

I don't care what anybody says, google is way better than looking up sh!t in an encyclopedia and it's not a hindrance to our kids. It allows them to more quickly move on to discovering more info.

Quagmire completely destroys Brian the Dog over a steak dinner. It was classic, if you haven't seen it, you're missing out. Here it is: . Completely brilliant.

I love you...

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