Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Have An Idea

It is all based on this one question...

When professional athletes get fined for being idiots or big mouthed (coaches as well) where does that money go?

Recently the Center for the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard, was fined $35,000 USD for his comments he made about officials on his blog. Where does that money go? That could be a teachers salary!

I think that the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL and MLS should get together and put all monies derived from player and coach fines in an escrow account. There should be a way for communities on down to individuals to qualify for this money. It wouldn't be a loan, either. It would be a write off for the perspective league and benefit someone in need. It wouldn't be a lottery.

Not everyone could win.

Joe Moneybags (pretty sure not a real person) couldn't get his hands on it. But Jane Teacher or Jim Guidance Counselor could (pretty sure they aren't real people, but you get my drift). Or have it go to a wounded warrior fund or to take care of the families who have lost a mother or father(household provider) to the call of duty, whether it be domestic or abroad. Or to create more parks/recreational facilities kids could use after school/during the Summer break.

Does this already exist? Am I a day late and a dollar short? Does anyone disagree with this idea? How can we make this happen?

My name is Chad Cavanaugh. Singer/songwriter/Stay at home Dad. And I have an idea...

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thank you! Love you, miss you!

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