Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Live.. It's Right There In The Name

Live Comedy Live, a comedy show produced by two very good friends of mine, Rajan Dharni and Christian Spicer, was a blast last night. It featured headliner Ben Gleib of Chelsea Lately, The Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson and the Real Wedding Crashers. The show was hilarious. We opened it up with a kick ass performance that got the crowd rowdy and ready to roll!

Stage moments like that you never want to end. But as I sit here in the quiet, getting ready to make lunch for my daughter, I realize that THIS is also a moment I wish would last forever. Kids grow, and fast. I'm fortunate I get to spend most every moment with them. It makes me appreciate even more the service members over seas. Far removed from their families in order for people like me to be able to do what I do. Those people have an incredible sense of selflessness. Their acts allow a total stranger to be completely shielded from what they go through. So that I can play music. So that I can raise my daughters. So that I can be the Stay at Home Rock Star. So I think it's important for me to take the stage every time with a sense of thankfulness and give my all.

So if you see me after a show and I'm a little sweaty, it's because I'm giving my all. It's my way of honoring those that sacrifice for us

Switch gears...

The Live Comedy Live show was awesome. Packed house singing along to tunes I wrote. AND I was played on the radio last night as well. Big thanks to Jane Asher at Radio Sophie 103.7fm and also to Missi at rock 105.3fm for being huge supporters.

This Thursday we'll be at Hotel Indigo at 509 9th Ave in downtown San Diego from 6-9. On Friday, we'll be at Java Jones and the incredible Lindsey Yung will be playing with her band, Lovella. Also playing will be Coffeehouse Radio Live Alumnus Carl Durant and CHRL open miker, the first to ever book a gig from the open mike, Troy Davis. That starts at 7. 631 9th Ave.

On Saturday I will be celebrating my birthday by playing the happy hour at Hennessey's at 4th and G downtown from 5-7. Don't bring me a gift, just bring your beautiful faces and ears. And maybe drop a buck or two in the guitar case ;-)

Love to you all, remember those serving and protecting us. Cherish every moment-we're not guaranteed a "maybe next time".


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