Monday, April 12, 2010

Let's Just Hope, Okay?

I'm on Twitter quite a bit these days. A few celebrities I follow and will chime in on their comments. Never knowing if they'll pay attention, find me witty, respond or just block me. Which is like the Twitter version of a restraining order. Isn't social networking fun???

One of the people I follow is Rosanne Cash. Daughter of Johnny Cash. One of my all time favorites in the entire universe. My dad had me listening to him since I could walk. When he passed away, I cried. I mourned the loss of a priceless songwriter/performer IMHO. Even when he covered songs they became reborn. Rusty Cage, Hurt, etc. His daughter, Rosanne, has definitely carried the torch and done the name proud. She also happens to be an entertaining follow on Twitter AND has responded to a few of my responses to her Tweets. It always makes my day.

Today she Tweeted how it was a good day because toenails are painted purple... and for all of you that have my album, the Coffeehouse Rebellion, know that in the song She Don't Know, the bridge references purple painted toes. So I told her I wrote a song about purple painted toes. She responded with "tell me the line it's used in". I responded with the bridge, "and she lets her hair down, I'm about to lose my mind, she's playing with her purple painted toes, and she never looked so fine". Her response was "Yowza". I responded, "Kinda what I was going for" then I offered to send her the MP3 and later, the album entirely. (of course I did, what idiot wouldn't?) She responded with, "Sure, send it".

Today, April 12th, 2010, is a pretty awesome day just because of that. Let's Just Hope she likes what she hears...

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  1. Dude, that is a awsome moment! Thanks for sharing!
    I've never heard anything by Rosanne Cash. Going to check her out right now!