Friday, April 16, 2010

Yay For Pizza

That's what Kaia says. She's two. Now that you're smiling, you're welcome.

Last night at Lestat's was awesome! The band rocked the damn house, son! It was a lot of fun. Big ups I wanna give are to my good friend that made it all the way from Argentina, Jimmy Danko. An incredible artist to be checked out at Also, my producer, Bryan DiFabio has been a huge supporter as well. Thanks B. It went pretty late but y'all hung in there. Mylena, for bringing friends and being LOUD in the crowd, mucho besos! John, you probably had to clean a pool very early and you still stuck it out. Mad love for you all! Of course, my band mates and their friends/family as well. 'Twas a fun night.

So I said before how I'm growing weary of the social media sites. Let me say that they have been good to me but now they are inundated with a million things going on. In my never ending quest to stay ahead of the curve, I'll be leaving the sites. I will still maintain a myspace page, it's free, deal with it. And I am looking for someone who would like to manage my Fan Page on Facebook. I'll make you the administrator and let you have control of it. The position doesn't pay. You'll be doing it out of love. There isn't much to do other than update occasional show info.

Pizza is awesome, and Domino's has made a good one. They really fell off the radar recently but owned up to it and have come back with what appears to be a nice menu. All I've tried so far was the Big Deal for $4.99. The crust was tasty, the saucy was drastically improved and over all I really liked it. It's no gourmet pizza. But if all you have is 5 and some change, it'll feed you twice. Yay For Pizza!

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  1. big props to you Chad. Was awesome to make it to the show and see you do your thing man. Solid. Looking forward to more when I move back stateside!