Monday, April 19, 2010

SPAM... Mmmmmm...

Remember when Spam was a Smeat that came from a can. Yes, I said "Smeat". It was delicious with white bread, yellow mustard and fried in a pan. You did the frying part first. Fried bologna was very similar. Right down to the white bread and yellow mustard. So how come mass emails aren't referred to as Bologna?

You know what else has become Spam? Or bologna, if you will? Well, I probably won't go into that. I'm gonna let people figure stuff out on their own. Not my job to educate, only to entertain. And speaking of entertaining...

I love watching the Family Guy. But it's not something I can watch with my little ones. Futurama is borderline acceptable for them and is another love of mine. Samurai Jack is a badass cartoon but the girls aren't too in to it. Well, not so true, my wife will watch it with me. But it's more of a "guy needing to watch something awesome alone" cartoon. Like the Guns of Navarrone or the Dirty Dozen.

So what do we do? Hmmm... well guess what? My ladies love the Star Wars! YEAH! My Star Wars Nerd fantasies come true!

Now if only I can get them in to Monty Python...

Feel free to share your most treasured geek moments with me. It can only bring us closer together.

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