Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Soundtrack To My Day

They say you should love the things that love you back. I'm gonna give some love right now!

Howard Stump is a music fan. If you ever wanna find out about new artists that haven't hit big yet, he probably has the inside scoop on it. Between him and his friend, Bounmy Sayasane, they got a tight grip on this subject. I mention these two because I have recently been fortunate to "meet" them via Twitter/Facebook. Before I knew it, they both had my album, the CoffeehousE RebellioN, and were constantly promoting it over the social network airwaves. That is a dream come true for an independent artist like myself. To have two complete strangers ,with no solicitation from me, promote what I do because they like it so much. For that I am eternally grateful.

So I wanna talk about an award wining blog site. It's called the Soundtrack To My Day ( The author is Howard Stump, @hrstump on Twitter (Follow him). He was awarded the 2010 Best Blog About Music award ( the Bloggies) and loves to share the music he loves from his youth up until now.

Today, my new album, We Got Love, received another unsolicited review. The first was for the CoffeehousE RebellioN. I gotta say I am honored by the words used to express how he feels about my music. It is very rewarding as most reviews come only after you submit your music to a specific periodical. Usually given to someone you may already know. You're never guaranteed anything you wanna hear as it pertains to the review. You can only hope they are feeling what you're putting on wax, so to speak.

So, to Howard, I say a big thank you. I appreciate your support of what I do and the fact that you consistently promote me along with the other musicians you promote. I am truly honored and touched by this!

Let me also acknowledge some other people by their twitter names that are huge supporters and worthy Follows.
@bsayasane, @shemarrs, @caspeta, @janeasher, @unsignedsunday

Thank you all.

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  1. Chad, thank you for your kind words. It it my honor to be able to cover music I love on my blog. Life it too short and too full, so I will support my indie boys, buy their music, see them live if I can, and chat about them when I can. So, if I am ever in your neck of the woods, you just might see my face in the audience.