Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eggs and Bacon

YUM! Love eggs and bacon. Runny yolk with bacon crumbled over it on some hash browns are you kidding me???

It's weird when one of your offspring doesn't show the same excitement over certain foods. It makes me contemplate getting a paternity test. Just to make sure, ya know? Haha. But really. I know they're mine and all. I kid. Parenting is awesome, trying, rewarding, tiring and provides endless material for writing/songs etc. Some nights I span the spectrum of emotions.

Last night at Java Jones Coffeehouse we had an awesome packed house. Troy Davis was my first ever open mic'er to get booked for a featured spot and he did awesome! He had a great showing of family and friends out to support him as well. We were treated to the very talented Lindsey Yung and her new project, Lovella. And the night was capped off by the new band band that is backing Carl Durant. An incredible time, great variety of excellent music and an extremely receptive crowded house! It was what you hope for any time you put a show together.

Then I came home. Put the little ones to bed and proceeded to clean the house. Something I had neglected to do for a couple days and it got backed up. Going from a rock star high to being the housekeeper, which is my job description, can be a weird adjustment some times. It greatly defines the life of the Stay at Home Rock Star. A roller coaster of awesome emotions on both fronts. The pride, joy and struggles of being a parent. The Highs, thrills and occasional disappointments of a musician hustling to get to the top.

Juggling two jobs doesn't make me unique in any way. There are people out there juggling multiple jobs, and I understand that. I can only make commentary on my life. So juggling these to responsibilities keeps me on my toes, makes me use my time as best as possible. It also makes me my own management/promoter/booking agent/hype man.

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Love to you all

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