Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crustaceans aren't Commanders

Admiral Ackbar should've been boiled and served with butter. He's/It's a weird character. That's all I have to say about that. Hi. My name is Chad, and I'm a Star Wars nerd. Still waiting on my acceptance letter from the Academy. Maybe they lost it and I have to submit a new one. But before I go off to battle the Galactic Empire, I'm gonna play some shows.

Imma start off with tomorrow night, April 15th, Thursday, 2010. Around 9pm. I will be at the global position of 3343 Adams Ave in San Diego, CA 92115. It's a neighborhood called Normal Heights. You will most likely see a lot of abnormal stuff. That's what makes it awesome.

This night will be the debut of my band at Lestat's. We've played a number of other venues already but this will be the first time at Lestat's. Very excited am I. Speak like Yoda I shall. Play like Johnny Cash/Sublime I strive. Rock faces of you and friends I will. Try not, do or do not says the Jedi Master. So Imma throw some Jedi mind tricks on y'all tomorrow night. By the way-we ARE the droids you're looking for.

Also playing tomorrow night is NYC touring artist Sinem Sinaye. I am looking forward to meeting her as well as hearing her live. So all of you coming out to see us, stay for her as well. She drove all the way from New York. Come on! Well worth it.

I may or may not be growing weary of social networking sites. As much fun as they've been they are equally spammy. I am extremely grateful for all the new friendships I have made along with the old friendships rekindled. As I would like to stay in contact with all of you, I ask that you email me so that I'll be able to keep in contact that way. The shut down of the social sites may occur within the next few days or weeks. It all depends on whether or not I've been able to eat that day.

I will continue to do this blog. If you say blog ten times in a row it starts to sound like "giblaw".

Email me at with the subject "let's stay in touch" or "you are the most awesome Star Wars fan ever". Then I'll know you read this.

Cheesy, beefy burritos-Casa Cavanaugh style
Take 1lb ground beef and brown
add 1 packet of taco seasoning and 2/3 cup of water
bring to a boil, mixing it all together
reduce heat and simmer 2-4 minutes.
Melt 1 cup Nacho Cheese sauce on the stove
Dice up 2 Roma tomatoes into small cubes
Warm medium sized tortillas

With a spoon, spread heated nacho cheese sauce onto warm tortilla. Add two spoonfuls of seasoned beef. Toss the diced tomatoes on and roll up.

Thank me when you're done eating.


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  1. I said it 10 times and I got "GLOB" but I am female after all....everything sounds weird!