Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We Got Love

Uploading has occurred and now a couple other minor details need to be taken care of and the new album, We Got Love, will be available for digital download. I wanna make a physical copy CD as well but that's expensive so it'll have to wait.

A couple songs on the album are already getting radio play thanks to Jane Asher and Cristy Westfall at Radio Sophie 103.7fm and Missi at Rock 105.3fm. Thank you wonderful ladies for being such awesome supporters of my music! Those songs are the title track, We Got Love, and track 6, Bumper Stickers.

Overall I'm excited about the album for a) being full length-10 songs and b) the work done by my producer, Bryan DiFabio of DFab Studios. All the beats, string arrangements and synths are created by Bryan. The album is a variety of party songs, meaningful lyrics and the humor you have become accustomed to at my shows.

I hope you all download away, so that I can help feed my little ones. Thank you all for the love and support you have shown!


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  1. Let me know when the DL is available, and I will so be there!