Saturday, June 5, 2010

All Time Favs

Cartoon Edition:
In no particular order, these are the cartoons I absolutely love and wanna watch all the time.

The Maxx
Samurai Jack
Bugs Bunny i.e. Kill da Wabbit
Family Guy
ThunderCats- HOOOOOOOOO!
Afro Samurai
Scooby Doo (pre 1985)
Tom & Jerry (pre 1985)
Woody Woodpecker show to include Chilly Willy
Ren & Stimpy (not the new crap they brought out in 2000 or whenever. The one that had weird voices, the originals with the Stupometron Helmet and Powdered Toast Man saves the pope)
The Ralph Bakshii rotoscope movies (Wizards, Lord of the Rings)

That's all for now...

Feel free to add your favorite in the conmments section

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