Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Signs In Nature That A Buzz Word No Longer Has Any Meaning

We've been told to go Green, eat Organic, Raw, Locally grown produce and use Sustainable products. All of these had a value of some sort at what time. They had their own respective integrity as they applied to something real. Until...
A house is built under the guise of being "green" and it has a massive "green" lawn. A green lawn that requires a lot of water. Water that is supposed to be conserved because the reservoirs are low. A high rise ion downtown is boasting that it is environmentally friendly and "green" and has a massive water feature/fountain... I'm scratching my head. It's like the Hummer with the "Go Green" bumper sticker. Then the word "organic" is taken from its purpose of describing a way a food is grown naturally, free of chemicals, steroids etc. and applied to a way a person paints someones interior walls or gives a dissertation. It's the super lifted, independent contractor 4 x 4 diesel truck that boasts "sustainable energy" on it's non bio degradable door magnet (not to mention the massive tires that eat up three times as much fuel)

Here's my point. I'm not against people having grass in their yard, or lifted trucks that guzzle gas, or fountains in their high rise community or anything like that. My issue is with the raping of a word because it's popular. Taking a word that has a meaning and bastardizing it to stuff their wallets, knowing full well it's bullshit that they're selling, is something that is just wrong.

Okay, I'm done stumping. Can we agree that the term "Handcrafted" should be reserved for something you actually craft/build by hand. Like a wooden rocking chair or a knit scarf. Thank you Starbuck's for sending the word "handcrafted" the way of the Dodo.

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