Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can't Never Could

Can't never could...

These are the words of a very wise and very successful man. A man that didn't operate on 'can't' but on 'can'. His name is Dr. Tom Malone.

Think of the massive walls the word 'can't' builds. Think of the numerous life experiences and fond memories never occur because of on contraction. Can't.

Think now about a completely different word. Can. The exact opposite of can't. Can is a key, it opens doors. Can is a bulldozer that knocks down Can't's walls. Can is climbing new heights, breaking new barriers, smashing old records and filling a scrapbook full of memories. Can is a rich, full life.

You Can take control of your life

You Can take control of your diet

You Can choose to love instead of hate

You Can determine who is allowed in your life

You Can have happiness

It's quicker and easier to say than 'can't'. Can went to the moon, Can scored 100 points in a basketball game, Can won 8 Olympic medals, Can is a shot of adrenaline to the psyche which is the most powerful weapon on a human.

I Can, I Have and I Will again! So Can you!

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