Monday, August 22, 2011

An Army Amassed

Years ago, a silent killer crept...

This killer went undetected, taking with it the young and the old. It preyed upon the weak AND the strong, it did not discriminate against color, creed, ethnicity. It just continued to feed its endless hunger for life. And there wasn't anything anyone could do.

But one day, this killer was identified. It was no longer invisible. It was still a mystery, but, a mystery with a face and a name.

An Army amassed. Scores of people, all ages, all walks of life, all physical conditions, took up arm in arm against this despicable beast. Serene grassy knolls became tent lined battle grounds. Where this Army marched, armed with knowledge, armed with an indomitable spirit, armed with a purpose. The purpose was to put an end to this beast once and for all.

The beast still attacked, still preyed upon the innocents, but now, for the first time, the beasts' bite no longer cut deep into the flesh. Wounds healed, sometimes wounds were prevented from ever happening. The Armies saw this and their spirit grew stronger. They began to carry a weapon with them that can defeat any enemy.


The battles still rage on. Across the world in research facilities, in schools, on fields transformed for 24 hours into a beast slaughtering gauntlet. This beast still claims his prey but in fewer numbers than ever.

An Army amassed. And said "no more". This Army will not stand by, helpless with hands tied ever again. The Army is me and the Army is you and the beast is cancer

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