Monday, March 22, 2010

Something For Beth To Read

It's been a while. Let's just say it's been technical difficulties and move on, shall we? Hi! Lots has happened since I last wrote. I'm stoked about the band. We are sounding tight and melting faces off and that is such an awesome feeling.

Here are some killer shows we(the band) have lined up that you should attend:
March 26th: Java Jones 631 9th Ave 7pm all ages free w/ Will Edwards(awesome)
March 27th: Wit's End 420 Robinson 9pm 21+ free w/ Sharon Hazel Township(awesome)
March 31st: Ruby Room 1271 University Ave 21+ w/ Scott West Band(awesome)
April 2nd: Java Jones w/ Lindsay White, Jon Lall and Jeffrey Joe Morin
April 9th: Java Jones w/ Cindy Santini, Megan Combs and Rusty King
April 11th: Comedy Palace 8878 Clairemont Mesa 21+ free w/ Kim Thompson
April 15th: Lestat's 3343 Adams Ave all ages
April 18th: Live Comedy Live @ the Ken Club 21+
April 23rd: Java Jones w/ Lovella(Lindsey Yung), Cal Durant & Troy Davis.

After attending these shows you'll easily be able to sing along and make you voice heard for when we do a live recording- TBA.

During this time I have some solo performances as well that you will hear about via Twitter (@ChadCavanaugh) and Facebook (

Bring lots of friends with you. The sound we're putting out is DOPE! You won't be able to contain your rump from swaying back and forth. Your feet may take control and start moving around. It's okay, you're not sick. You just caught the Groove!

Word of mouth is awesome and for all of you spreading that word I thank you! Please don't keep your love of my music a secret. Shout it out and tell as many people as you know. Tell them they can hear it on the radio as well. Rock 105.3, Radio Sophie 103.7,,

Lastly but not leastly- my second album is about done. It's 12 songs being produced by Bryan DiFabio of DFab Studios and the finishing touches are very close to being done. A full length album! Yes!

I hope you're as excited as I am!!!

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