Thursday, March 4, 2010

Warning: Explicit Content

By the title, you've been warned. I'm a musician. Yes, but I'm also a father. Of two little girls. Two precious little lights in the world. I will do whatever is necessary to protect them. By whatever is necessary I mean WHATEVER is necessary. I think preventive measures should be part of that.

During a chat room conversation yesterday there was talks about how to maintain civility through tragedy. That rage fantasies and witch hunts are fueled by anger and hate. Then someone brought up a great point. It was described as an old parable that says "if a hungry tiger wanders in to your village and begins eating your children, what do you do?" which led to the point that by killing the tiger, it was not an act of hate or rage but of preservation of life. Life that deserves to live, in my opinion.

Let's just say that I am outraged that a state appointed psychiatrist warned the DA and the judge of this monster over 10 years ago and the DA and judge completely ignored the warnings-cutting a deal that allowed this monster to only serve 6 years behind bars instead of 30. Had the warning been heeded, there wouldn't have been the tragic, senseless loss of life that has occurred here in San Diego County. Chelsea King was a light in this world that will be sorely missed. Also, if he was spending so much time at his mothers, in a different county from where he was registered, then he should've been registered. For his mother to do nothing about that is unacceptable. She can't be oblivious to the monster she created. Yes, I am calling her out as well. That doesn't mean people should vandalize her property, though.

Here's what I think should happen to this monster. Tie each limb to a separate horse and let them run to the four winds. He'll be ripped into multiple pieces and won't die right away. Then see how callous and unremorseful he is. Other offenders will see this and think twice before committing these heinous acts. YES I'M ANGRY!!!!

I also know that lives are lost daily overseas in the middle east. The lives our service members. Let me say this about them. It saddens me every time we lose a service member. I am a veteran of the United States Army Infantry. I have lost fellow brothers in combat. It sucks. As an infantryman, I knew what my risks were when I went in. It doesn't change the fact that one lost soldier is one too many. But I, personally, was aware of this risk.

Chelsea King went for a run. She wasn't enlisted in the military. She went for a run. And a monster stole her away from her parents and from the world that she was making better by her presence.

Amber Dubois is still missing. Children across this world are missing, abused, exploited every day and it's tragic.

Love your kids. Make yourself aware of your surroundings. Teach your kids the buddy system. I pray that I never have to go through this. It's a broken hearted community in San Diego.

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  1. probably the entire u.s.a. has been hurting because of this tragic event...except the sex offenders...(criminals)