Monday, March 22, 2010

Stay At Home Half of the Rock Star

Before you pre heat your oven- check to see that nothing has been stored inside of it. Or you too can take in the wonderful aroma of plastic melted at 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have these things called cupboards, or cabinets, depending on what part of the country you are from. Normally, you take the doors on these things, open them up and place things inside of these cabinets in a neat, orderly stacked manner. In a way so that you can access these items at a later date when you might need them.

The oven, however, is not a cabinet. Nor is it a cupboard. But this past weekend someone thought that it was. This someone is a loved one but right now we are wondering why they used our oven as a cabinet.

Remember, I am the "Stay At Home" rock star. Not because I play music from my home. But because of other forces that have forced our situation in to the scenario where I stay at home and raise the baby during the day. At night I go out and play shows. That's the rock star part. This is a domestic rant.

Don't mess with my system. Everything has a place and I have that set up. If you take something out you should return it to where you took it from. That's how it works. The world will spin properly on its axis if these rules are followed.

Thanks for letting me rant.Your loving...

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