Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Believe... Don't Believe

Evolving happens all around us. Always. Life is constantly changing and that is really the only constant. Just like music. It changes, evolves, ebbs and flows. How is Nu Metal doing these days?

In 1999 there were a lot of bands that broke on to the scene with 7 string guitars in dropped D tuning and it was Nu Metal. A fusion of metal and Pop and Hip Hop and whatever else. Today, most singer/songwriters I know are using Dropped D tuning. Not for every song. But it's common across the board. Probably has been off and on forever. But the genre of Nu Metal has gone the way of the Dodo. So to speak. In it's place has emerged bands like Rise Against and Cage the Elephant. The Black Keys are another one that are just straight forward rock, a little dirty and awesome to listen to. I also liked Nu Metal. I like music, period. I love writing and playing it as well.

As music will inevitably change over time, there will always be those who want to hold on to a specific genre and not ever embrace any other type of music or amalgamation of genres. It's okay. Being that music can be recorded, leaving a lasting, documented history of it, they can hold on to it forever. For them it can be timeless. My inner most hopes and dreams are that what I write will ultimately be timeless. That any generation will be able to listen to a song I wrote and performed and have it be relevant to their day and age. That is the hope. I believe I've done that.

I believe that my daughters will play my music when they are older and it will make them feel like I am with them. In hearing the familiar strike of the first chord of the songs they've listened to since they can first remember to the last note of each song. I hope it can make them feel my love for them even when I'm long gone. I hope it does the same for you.

Believe, don't believe, but be open to change

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