Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's A Celebration

I believe everything is worth celebrating. No milestone or accomplishment too small in my book. But this is a huge milestone! Two years ago, my daughter Kaia was born.

It was the day before Super Bowl Sunday. My wife and I were about a month away from having our baby, according to the ultrasounds. She had been wanting to go get a stroller/baby car seat for some time and I finally caved. But we still had almost a month before the arrival of our little one.

Super Bowl Sunday. The Giants and the Patriots squared off in a historical game! This would be the first time in decades that a team had a chance to go unbeaten from beginning to end. Not since the Miami Dolphins did it in the 70's. The Patriots were 18-0 and the clear favorites over the Giants that seemed to have arrived at the Super Bowl by complete luck. Nobody outside of the Meadowlands thought they had a chance.

My wife made a awesome dip consisting of melting a block of Velveeta cheese over a can of chili. She removed the chili from the can first and discarded the can. She's thoughtful like that. The dip was excellent but definitely something that was going to cause trouble later on. But we kept eating it. After half time, my wife went to lay down. Had to be the dip.

A little over an hour later, a miracle of a catch was made which was followed by an unbelievable touchdown catch made by a guy who would later be in jail for concealing a weapon and shooting himself.

Note to self: Don't shoot yourself with a concealed gun. Makes you look like an idiot.

Moving along. The game ended and I went in to see how my wife was feeling. I saw a look I've never seen on her face. Pain. She is tough. Like way tougher than Run DMC and their claim to be tougher than leather. She was in serious pain. But we were a month away from being due.

About an hour later, we were in a birthing room listening to the anaesthesiologist ask condescending questions of my wife while slowly putting the epidural together. Within seconds our little baby came out, without my wife having to push.

She was here! She was tiny. She wasn't crying, just sticking her tongue out. Was she okay? They cleaned her up and brought her over to me to cut the umbilical cord. It was tough. It was like trying to cut through the chain of a bike lock. Then she was whisked away to the NICU, the intensive care for babies. She needed to be observed since she was early and tiny. 4 lbs 9 oz tiny. When she would eat she would stop breathing and turn blue.

Today, our little Kaia Blue is two years old. It seems like yesterday. The reason why I'm the Stay At Home Rock Star is two.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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