Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things We Already Knew

"I'll take 'things we already knew' for $1,000, Alex"

I heard today in the Twitterverse that Mtv has removed the word "music" from their title. I haven't seen this as being confirmed but what I can say is that we knew Mtv hasn't had anything to do with music since 2000.

It's like everyone tip-toed around this Mtv character at parties and in meetings not wanting to damage its fragile ego. Like a kid that's been living in denial. Like a CEO that tells its investors "we're doing great!" while behind him in plain site the business is falling to pieces and the stock is plummeting.

We already knew it wasn't about music for them. I'm happy for them, if it's true, that they finally came out of the closet and are owning up to what they are. A Reality Show channel that does nothing more than provide entertainment for the voyeuristic society that we have become. We as in the people that watch it. I don't. I had to Google "the situation" to find out what people were talking about. I don't have cable. You're welcome.

So I guess the question is this, who is going to get to use the name "Music Television"? I reminisce often about the days of first having Mtv and being able to watch shows like Headbangers Ball w/ Ricki Rachtman(sp?) and Yo Mtv Raps w. Fab 5 Freddy and later Ed Lover and Dr Dre. People like Denis Leary, Jon Stewart, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Colin Quinn become household names but few may remember that they were on Mtv in a small capacity. Denis Leary had a rant about how Mtv should be Ctv, for his love of all things Cindy Crawford. Colin Quinn was the co-host of Remote Control and Adam Sandler was an ancillary character on that show. Jon Stewart had a show on there as well as Ben Stiller.

Programs like Liquid Television brought us Beavis and Butthead & Aeon Flux. The Idiot Box furthered the career of the guy that starred along side Keanu Reeves in the Bill and Ted movies. These shows were woven in between music videos. Lots and lots of music videos.

As a little white kid in the desert southwest I was able to learn all about cool hip hop dance moves, rock n roll hair styles and fell in love with the girl from the Young MC video-as did many others in the mid 80's so don't hate.

Will we see a return of the television channel dedicated to music, and not to the sordid behind the scenes lives of the music makers? I don't know, as "video killed the radio star", "reality TV killed the video channel"

Creators f Music Television, probably not fist pumping

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