Thursday, February 4, 2010

Surprises, the Good Kind

When you least expect something is when it usually happens. So making a life of no expectations should lead to a lot of awesome surprises. Unfortunately, I'm more excitable than a Chihuahua that just ate a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans.

Yesterday, as I was checking my Twitter, I noticed my name but it wasn't the brown color normally associated with being referenced in a Tweet. Turns out, it was a Tweet about another follower/followees latest artist review. I have seen in the past that this person writes about a lot of artists on his blog so I checked it out and was really surprised, in an awesomely good way, to read the article on me. It was titled "Straight Boys Need Love Too".

Having a completely unsolicited article/review of your work and having that review being favorable is pretty damn awesome!

So to you, Howard, I say thank you. Thank you for such an awesome and positive write up about what I love to do and for the surprise, the good kind.


  1. it was a great review! good things happen to good people!

  2. Chad, Glad you liked it, and we can call it even, cause I sure enjoy your music - Thanks!