Monday, February 1, 2010


Life is a two way street. You can't expect it to always go in your direction...

What you can do is learn to go in each of those directions. Best summed up as give and take. Within a community it is awesome to see this kind of reciprocity. Last night I played at the Comedy Palace in the Clairemont neighborhood of San Diego. There was a great line up of comedians and an awesome headliner. There was also a great number of comics on hand just to support as an audience. I love to see that. A friend of mine, Alyssa Jacey, was there from my music community as well. It was awesome to have that support from her. We were able to talk afterwards about upcoming shows and possible shows together in the future. Great networking going on.

For the most part, the San Diego music scene is an incredibly supportive community. Most of the musicians I know are as busy as I am with shows so you can't expect them to come out but yet they still do. On Saturday night I played to a packed house, opening for an award winning Improv Comedy troupe, the Hinges. In the audience were my friends/fellow singer/songwriters Rob Deez and Lindsay White. Seeing them there was a huge boost for me. They are people that I love and it just makes you feel good to see them in attendance.

I look forward to seeing them perform and supporting them in the near future, schedule's permitting. Rob puts o a show every Thursday at Java Joe's, 3835 5th Ave in Hillcrest called Grow Folk Sh!t that you can catch, Lindsay will be playing at U-31 in North Park on Feb 10th with her full band (you can her my duet with her at my MySpace page. A song called Daydream, inspired by Lindsay) and Alyssa, just off of her successful CD release/Video Premiere show at the Belly Up Tavern will be opening for Shawn Colvin on Feb 13th.

Remember, life goes two ways. Give and Take. Become proficient at both.


  1. thanks for the lovin' bro! you are quickly becoming the musical king of the comedy scene!

  2. I think it's so great how closely knit the SD music scene is-very different from the LA actor scene that I spent my early twenties in. You guys are all very lucky. And such talent!!