Friday, January 29, 2010

Brain Garbage

Is it true that we only use like 15% of our brain? What is the rest of it doing, loitering? Panhandling for booze? I'm trying to get it off it's a$$ and come up with some more songs to write.

But apparently, the left part of my brain isn't listening. It's the creative side. Pretty much the only side of my brain that works. Ask me to come up with a song for you based on a theme and it'll be done in 15 minutes. Ask me to create a budget and I'll hunch forward slightly, drooling, and become catatonic.

It's an affliction, this creativity. It comes and goes when it wants. Hanging out with those cells from the wrong side of the brain. Smoking. Spray painting graffiti on the sides of the imagination train that was supposed to bring me ideas. Curses! Thwarted by my own rogue brain cells!

Usually, during this time of the year, I'll write 15-20 new songs. Something about the short daylight hours depress me and spurn ideas for songs. But this year has been lean. Two new songs have arisen. and it's almost been a month. But I'm guessing that ultimately, quality over quantity is what is important.

So, to you, left side of my brain that is being sparsely used. Get off your lazy behind and fire into gear before I evict you with a bottle of turpentine (what???). If I could, I'd eliminate the brain garbage with the rest of the household trash on Thursday. Trim it down to that 15% I supposedly use and start saying that I'm using 100% of my brain...

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