Friday, January 8, 2010

the Homogeneous State

Remember the notion that variety as the spice of life? Well then how did I become a terrorist for not driving the same car as everyone else?

I was parked yesterday waiting for my wife. I noticed at one point that every car on the road where I was was a Prius. It was a frightening sight. The idea of a fuel efficient car is not a frightening thing to me. The idea of conserving energy and resources is not a frightening thing to me. I'm cool with all of those. I'm cool with the Prius. I have friends that drive them. Friends that actually live a very conscious life as it pertains to the environment and conservation. Unfortunately, the vehicles that existed when I was getting my new car that could accomplish such tasks were all too small and unrealistic for my needs as a family man and a musician with gear to haul. Keep that in mind. Because if I were to buy a Smart car, it wouldn't be too smart on my part. A Prius won't fit my family or requirements for space as a musician.

So what scares me about a Prius?

It's as if you are being told what vehicle to drive when you are rewarded for getting a certain type of vehicle by the State. It's as if you are being told how big of a family you are allowed to have by the types of vehicles that are "suggested". It's as if you are being told what type of occupation you are being told to have by the types of vehicles that are being "suggested". It's as if you are being told that if you need a larger vehicle for family, or gear to haul because of your job, that you are a "terrorist". And to see the Homogeneous look of every car being the same reminds me of a dictator that wanted everyone to be blonde hair and blue eyed.

I put that in quotations because I think it's highly ironic that a guy who is a veteran of the United States Army Infantry that served his country honorably would be referred to as a terrorist for driving an SUV by people who have never served a day in their life and have a false sense of entitlement because they were merely "born" here. People who feed on the idea that because they were born here they shouldn't do anything to earn the freedoms that are and were provided by people who gave up their rights for them. Show a little appreciation. It's not everyone. That wasn't a blanket statement. But you know it's true.

For all you so called environment lovers who follow the mantras of these so called environmentalist gurus, here is something for you to ponder.

Why did these guys go to a global conference to discuss the state of the eco system and the made up global warming scam in their private jets and limos instead of being conscious of their "cause" and doing a tele conference? Yes, I said scam. How much money have these people made off of the Global warming scare? If you're going to incriminate people for making money on war and oil then be fair and point the finger at these people as well.

And Now, Crock Pot Pork Ribs:

First of all, get Crock Pot Liners. Makes clean up simple.

Dump two bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce into the pot. Add the pork ribs. Set it on low and come back in 5-6 hours. You'll love it.

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