Monday, January 11, 2010


Sometimes people get upset when you plug what you do. Here's what I say to that. If you were plugging what I do, I wouldn't have to. So when that day comes, I'll back off.

Ya dig?

I'm independent. I don't mean in the Kelly Clarkson sense of the word. I mean. I'm by myself. If anything is to get done it is to be done by me... for now. Let me add something to this, though. There are some awesome fans that I have that do help out a bunch whether it be in the form of helping with a show flyer, recommending my music/fan page to other friends and showing up to my shows. All of those are massively huge helps and are GREATLY appreciated. There are also some awesome DJ's on the radio that have been putting getting me spins in a consistent way. Jane and Missi are very much loved and appreciated for doing this.

I am still independent. I do not apologize for this. Everyone starts somewhere and in order to grow and reach a larger audience it takes time and most of all-word of mouth. As a result, I will continue to plug the things I do in as tasteful a way as possible but I do ask for your help on a couple things.

In the social networking realm I am present on Twitter- @CCMusicSD, and fan page at and on Myspace-

I ask that you please share these links with your friends so as to help me spread my music out to people. Doing that is a massive help. 6 people telling 6 people telling 6 people helps the fan base grow exponentially.

Thank you all for being a reader of my words and listeners of my songs. I am truly grateful!

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