Saturday, January 16, 2010

If Dylan Wore A Skirt

The Coffeehouse Radio Live was treated to something pretty damn awesome last night. Former featured act Will Edwards showed up to play, that was sweet. Dennis Driscoll made his debut as a listener (Long overdue) and we had a young man all the way from Co. Wicklow in Ireland named David Benett who was awesome.

But the night was capped off by yet another outstanding Featured performer.

She is best described as Bob Dylan in a skirt- but with a voice. A penchant for songwriting that is unapologetic, personal and very relatable. Lindsay White is a musician that wears her emotions on her sleeves, musically speaking. After listening to her you feel like you've known her forever. And that's a good thing. She's a person you want in your life. A bright smile, a sharp wit and a voice that can be set on your ipod to "repeat".

Lindsay is accompanied by her percussionist, Joel Mendoza. Joel is flat out awesome. I get to borrow him from time to time from Lindsay. The two of them fill a room with not noise, but music. A sound that you don't want to stop. Joel brings the boom on his Machudo Cajon with his ankle shakers, tambourine at foot and impeccable sense of rhythm.

Another great night. Another brilliant night. Don't miss out on the chance to hear Lindsay White!

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