Friday, January 22, 2010

Rhythm and You's

"Music transcends hate, political lines, race and religion. The only thing more beautiful than music is the heart that created it."

This is something I posted on my Twitter recently and truly believe. It's a quote not from some ancient philosopher or great humanitarian. It's a quote from a very simple place. A quote from my heart.

Music is everywhere. Cultures are defined and recognizable by their style of music. In every village, every town and every city around the world, there is someone that plays music and is beloved for it. Throughout the world people share a love for the SAME song on many occasions. People who are at odds with each other probably share a similar playlist in their iPod. Warring gangs probably have the same CD in their cars. Competing nightclubs and radio stations will play the same songs. It is the glue that connects, sad to say, invisibly and unknown.

People will go to a concert to hear a band and mingle with people they might never ever talk to outside of the venue. But why? Why not continue the relationship. Why not let music bridge divides and heal old wounds. How better to coexist with one another than with harmony and rhythm?

John Lennon said to give peace a chance.

Why not let music have a chance to create peace?

photo by Alfonso de Alba of I.Am.Lost Photography

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