Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heaven and Hail

Go to Heaven for the climate and Hell for the company.

I believe this was a Mark Twain quote. Correct me if I'm wrong but it was turned in to a pretty phenomenal song by a friend of mine, Dave Booda. He was my featured performer last night at the Coffeehouse Radio Live @ Java Jones East Village.

I first heard this song a year ago. Dave and I sat side by side o stage at Swedenborg Hall for the Songwriter's Acoustic Nights Showcase. We each were allotted three songs to play. That was one Dave played. It went over extremely well. So he was kind enough to play it for me again last night. It was like having my own semi private Dave Booda concert. Semi because there were a handful of other people that came out as well. The down pouring rain and the hail kept people away.

Eventually, in San Diego, people will need to learn that rain will not melt you. Is it wet? Yes. Will it kill you? If you're driving and trying to text and talk on your phone at the same time, possibly. Is it fun to be out in? Yes! Is Dave Booda's musical performance worth braving the elements? Absolutely!

Dave has a secret that I won't share. After March 9th I'm sure he'll share it but until then I won't spill it the way I did last night. But the good news is that you will have more chances to see him perform here in San Diego. I would highly recommend it.

Daves singing and guitar playing are easy on the ears. His presence on stage is very calming and he's a guy that's easy to like. His 5 track CD, Datcho Willy will get worn out in your CD player. My personal favorite is All My Love. It's a song that continues to stick in my head and I have no intention of evicting it.

Check out Dave soon. Next up on his calendar is Escondido Joe's on January 29th. He'll "be giving all his love for you"

photo taken from Dave's site. I don't know that clicking it will get you to iTunes but you can try

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