Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Hero Comes Along

Heroes come in many forms. Superheroes come with special superhuman skills. My sister came with super strength...

Growing up, I was in fierce competition with my sister in both basketball and soccer and what ever else came along. We were so competitive that everything ended in a fight. But if anyone ever messed with her gangly, too skinny little brother, she would swoop in and flatten the person.

Lots of families have the sense that the older brother/sister can screw with the younger kids of the family, but, if an outsider tries to mess with the little bro or sis. It's time for Shock and Awe.

My sister had a child when she had just turned 20. She was in College with a basketball scholarship that she gave up to have her little girl. Instead of dropping out of school, she took odd jobs to continue with school and graduated with a Bachelors. Major in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics. She finished in a total of five years. Class, work, motherhood. Class, work, motherhood. Every day. Where many others give up and make excuses for not accomplishing, my sister powered through.

Because she is awesome.

She'll never tell you that. To meet her is to meet a fun woman that can quote Monty Python movies, get a high score in Tony Hawks Pro Skater and break ankles on a basketball court. On the rare occasion that she dresses up, she stops traffic. A natural beauty with a heart of gold and the will of a lion.

Because of my sister, I have a fondness and deep respect for single mothers and single fathers. To parent a child by ones self is daunting and requires selflessness, patience, strength and a lot of love. It's usually not until later on in life that the child appreciates the efforts made by their mom or dad.

Years after College she finally got a job in her field of study and was finally appreciated for how great and valuable she is. All the while, being heavily involved with her little girl-always putting her first. She also looked out for her baby brother. A kid that she pretty much raised since the Junior High years as she knew how to get his attention and make him do what was right. By now that kid(me) was 28.

On my 28th birthday, my sister got me my first guitar. It's a gift that I cherish and still use today to write all my songs. Every time I take the stage, I think of my sis, my hero. Had it not been for her, I might not be doing what I'm doing today.

A hero comes along... and dreams can be realized.

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  1. Thank you baby! Please know that I always would, and always will do whatever it takes to ensure your happiness! You have given me so much friendship, comraderie, and love throughout your 36 years...and you have given me far more than that. You have helped give me the strength and the courage to accomplish everything that comes along. Thank you for always believing in me, as I do in you. Keep rockin' on baby bro...this world is yours for the taking! I love you!!! Your sis. :)