Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Day Is This?

There was one?

Staying at home with a little one means that EVERY day is a work day which pretty much nullifies weekends because the week has no end therefore no week ends. Moving along... I just realized that today is Sunday. That means that tonight is Unsigned Sunday on Radio Sophie with Jane Asher., click on "listen live" and listen away some time during the 9pm hour. I love being on the radio. It's such a surreal experience and a HIGH!

That will be my Sunday night. Monday will be a performance at the Whistle Stop in South Park, Tuesday a 2 hour gig at Bareback Grill in Downtown San Diego, Wednesday a set at the Comedy Palace to open a comedy show, Thursday a set at Lestat's to support the Rik Raw CD release and then Friday for my weekly event-the Coffeehouse Radio Live @ Java Jones East Village with an incredible local artist, Laura Kuebel.

Each of these days will begin around 5am with the little one and end around midnite with hopefully more fans and CD sales.

It's a life that spans both ends of a spectrum between Stay at Home Dad and Rock Star. In between is balance... in the shape of a 22 month old girl.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

*photo by Tommy Bryant

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