Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Viva La Revoluccion!

I'm currently listening to Legit Radio at www.legitradio.com. They set up shop just a few blocks from where I used to live. I'm definitely digging it. I believe that variety is the spice of life and that music is a huge component of that spice.

These days, more than ever, you can sate your senses in many different ways. I go between Pandora Radio on my iPhone as well as listening to my friends Missi at Rock 105.3(10am-3pm every day and 8-11pm on Sundays) and Hula on Star 94.1(5-10am every morning on AJ in the Morning)on iHeartRadio on the iPhone. In the car I go between those two stations and Radio Sophie 103.7 so I can listen to Unsigned Sunday with the wonderful Jane Asher or 102.1 KPRI w/ Cathryn Beeks and Astra Kelly on Saturdays from 9-10. Online right now I'm listening to Legit Radio w/ Chris Cantore and Clint August.

The variety in my musical life is insanely good. I dig all of these people and their respective stations. With the advent of Internet radio and web hosted shows so many options have become available and it benefits all the listeners out there who love music/talk. It's a great time to have ears to hear. I also recommend checking out the Scheff Experience at www.scheffxp.com. Lauren hosts two shows being the Scheff Experience and the Real Sunset Strip. Check out all these programs and DJ's/radio/online personalities! It's an aural buffet that is orgasmic!!!

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