Thursday, December 31, 2009


I won't take for granted everything that I've been given and we're all gonna die so we best start livin'

10 years ago I was in the middle of the woods in North Carolina and had no idea what would happen to me. I didn't play music. I had no family of my own. I was on the verge of alienating my blood relatives because of my transgressions and I had serious addictions that threatened my life and I had no plan.

Fast forward ten years...

It's like a scene from a movie. I get to play music, it is, in fact, my "job". My main job is my little girls who I raise while my awesome wife is at work. I've been clean and sober for 8 years, 7 months and 4 days. I have a purpose for this life that gets more and more exciting every day.

So on New Years, it is customary to make resolutions. Decide that these are the specific things you want to change about yourself and become "better". Why wait for New Years? It's like waiting for Christmas to give gifts or feel the caring spirit. DO that EVERY day. Give every day and resolve to be better every day. And NEVER apologize to people who have a problem with you for wanting to make yourself a better person. Celebrate every day and every thing that happens to you that you perceive as being good. Celebrate the bad things that happen to you because it gives you the opportunity to show how strong you are and to persevere.

Your will is incredible. Your ability to accomplish anything you want is there. Go and do it.

Go make life happen!

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